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My husband has been wanting to get a Family Goals Printable in our home for a while, so he decided to design one that would compliment our Weekly Schedule 12×36 Printable.  I’m really excited about it – cause it gives us something to constantly see and reflect on.  On a day that I have open – I can turn to it and choose something to try to accomplish.

My favorite part about the way he designed it is that he divided it into sections.  There is a THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH, THIS YEAR and HONEY DO’S section.  So, you can plan ahead and set farther out goals too!

We hung ours on the wall across from our Weekly Schedule – that way each week when I’m planning my week, I can reference our goals list.  I get hanging your goals in the main part of your house may not be for everyone, but we are a pretty open family and we don’t mind if people can see our goals.  But, I totally understand if you would want to hang yours in your Master Bedroom or something.

We listed things from all spectrums of your lives.  I have some blogging goals on there, to a family trip to Disneyland, to save $X for next baby (We’re self employed – we have to plan way ahead.  Babies cost lots of $$), to wash windows, re-organize Master Closet, etc!

There may be some things that are doubled on your list.  For example, you may have something listed in your THIS YEAR or HONEY DO list, that you will then add to your THIS WEEK list.  Does that make sense?

What you’ll need:
-Print either the 12×36 printable OR both the top and bottom 12×18 printables (I printed them at our local Costco)  You can upload 12×18’s to their website, but if you want to have a 12×36 printed, then you have to take it in using a jump drive or disk.
12×36 Poster Frame (or 11.75″x36)
-Tape (if you’re piecing the 12×18′s together)
For printing you have the option of printing the single 12×36 or you will need to download and print the Top and Bottom 12×18′s.   To get the 12×36 printed you have to take your file down to Costco on a jump drive and upload it from the computers there that they have at their counter.  You can’t upload the file from your computer.  From what I understand, WalMart does not offer 12×36 printing.  I haven’t check any other places.  If you don’t have a Costco, then just print the two 12×18 files and piece them together.
Framing:  If you go to purchase your frame locally you may only be able to find 11.75×36 frames.  It is the more standard frame size.  But, you can find 12×36 frames as well.  I’ve gone down to our local Michaels on two different trips for frames and one time they had 12×36 frames and the next trip only 11.75×36 frames.  If you have 11.75×36 frames then you’ll just need to trim the edges slightly!
Anyways, I hope some of you may enjoy this!  We’re pretty excited about it!

Download the 12×36 Goals Printable Here

Download the Family Goals 12×18 Top Here

Download the Family Goals 12×18 Bottom Here


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