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Halloween Candy turned into Gingerbread Houses

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Do you want to know how I willingly got my kids to save and not eat their Halloween Candy? It was pretty awesome! Not only did it cut down on their intake at the time but it also saved me so much money this Christmas season. Halloween night I went through their candy with them and helped them decide what pieces would make good additions to the their trains (since we actually do trains rather than Gingerbread houses). I put 5 bags together, one for each of us, and they willingly handing me their candy wanting to share and make sure everyone’s bag had enough. This is what I put in the individual bags this year.

IMG_6500 (2)

After the initial night of Halloween I put a bag out for each boy with their candy in it and then labeled one Candy trains. It was amazing how much they kept adding to that bag in the days that followed because they were so excited.


Here is what ended up in the bag when I got it all set out for decorating!


Its always nice to have variety when decorating but buying variety is so pricey! I added a few things this year like Milky way bars for the cars, lifesavers for the wheels, some fun Christmas shaped Sweetarts, and square Warheads.


I was able to find these in the dollar candy bin at Wal-Mart. I always said I was going to save candy for the trains but I always forget. After seeing how much I saved this year and how willingly the boys gave up their candy I will always do this! Next year I will save smarter though and hopefully have even less to buy!  Here is my list:

Kit Kats

3 Musketeers -fun and snack size

Milky ways – fun and snack size







Anything mini

I think when I buy candy to hand out I will buy from this list too so that way if there is extra it has a place to go besides my hips Smile

To make the actual trains I set the loose candy into a muffin tin and then put the bigger candy in bowls.


I also cut cardboard off of extra boxes and covered them with foil. I made frosting to put in little snack sized bags and then snipped one corner off for easy decorating.


It made it easy and also kept frosting contamination to a minimum.


Johns Santa took the cake this year as the coolest  candy creation!


In the end we saved a ton of money, got very creative, and had a blast!




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