How to Get a Vintage Look When Painting Furniture

I am so excited because I finally have figured out how to get that awesome vintage look with paint. The secret is Milk Paint!! It is super easy to use and the look cannot be matched!

milk paint

I was inspired by Adrienne from Chic California and her tutorials and makeovers. I found this tutorial especially helpful. I live in a small town, so I don’t have access to Milk Paint. But, thankfully Adrienne sells Milk Paint! If you want to order any you can check the colors out here and email Adrienne. It comes packaged all cute!

milk paint1


I wanted to paint 2 large frames. First, I sprayed them with Shellac because I wanted to seal the paint under the milk paint.

milk paint2

milk paint3

After I sprayed them I moved them inside to the table so I could do the Milk paint inside.

milk paint4

With the first coat I learned really fast that you want to make sure your strokes are all going the same way.

milk paint5

The first coat didn’t look like it covered very well. The second coat covers much better.

milk paint6

The thing with Milk Paint is that you never really know what the results will be. One of my frames came out extremely chippy.

milk paint8

The other one, not so much. I think part of that might be because I did a thicker coat on the second frame.

milk paint9

After it was done, I used my hand sander to get the edges a little more rough.

milk paint13

It looks so great in person! After using Milk Paint you need to apply a wax. I didn’t have a special wax I just used my Minwax Finishing Wax to give it a nice sheen.

milk paint14

I did a lot more sanding on the second frame to get the more vintage look. Milk paint goes a long way and I was super excited that I had enough to finish my sewing chair.

milk paint15

It was originally wood and I thought I wanted it Navy blue. After I painted it though, I wasn’t really happy with it.  I decided to take it to a vintage white. I didn’t spray it with the shellac this time because I wanted lots of chips and cracks. It turned out amazing! I did two coats of the Milk Paint and allowed a little bit of the blue the show through on my second coat. Other parts where the paint chipped off the wood shows though, so I have not only some of the navy but also the wood.

milk paint18

milk paint16

milk paint17

I still have enough from that little bag to do more frames or even another chair. It goes a lot farther than you think it will.

milk paint 01

I have 3 more pieces I want to paint now! I just have to choose the colors! I really could not be any happier with how the finish looks turned out and how easy it was to put on! If you want the vintage look – milk paint is the way to go!


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  • Lisa, the frames and your chair turned out so good! They are all chippy perfection! So glad you liked using the Milk Paint 🙂

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