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In full disclosure I must confess that my family doesn’t officially do stockings – we do boots!  Big, red & white ceramic Santa boots! It’s a tradition that my mother did with me and my siblings. About 5 years ago, my sister found ours boots and immediately me and my 3 older sisters all hurried and bought enough for our families!  I love them so much – I can’t even tell you!

Our Christmas setup last years – showing our Christmas Boots!

So, I know that every family does Christmas a little different. How it works in my house is like this:  each child gets 3 gifts from mom and dad.  One of those gifts is a bigger gift.  Last year Nathan got a bike, this year he is getting a BIG Lego set (you know the ones on the bottom shelf that kids drool over)!  Then there are 3 family gifts.  One of the family gifts is something practical that they need.  So, this year they are all getting a new hoodie.  Then I always like to get something that helps bring out my kids creativity – so I got them a Spirograph Set.  Nathan is gonna freak over this and use it all the time!  

Everything Santa brings is unwrapped and either in their boot or set out by it.  I always get them a few books and art supplies if needed.  Santa always brings one bigger family gift that goes in the middle.  This Christmas we are doing the Lite Bright with some extra sets.  This year I’m kind of on an anti-toy mission.  I’m really trying to keep my house free of clutter.  So, everything they are getting will pretty much go in our activity/art closet or our Lego bin!  Everything I’m buying – already has a place in our house all ready for it!  

As for stocking stuffers this year – I’m sticking to things that help with their current learning level and then some fun little items and games!  So, I went on the search and found some fun little things!  I hope that this list helps you find a few fun things for Santa to bring to your home!



Alphabet Dice Game


51Haj-Zx7rLMagnetic Letters



Magnet Set



 IQ Twist



 Light Up Bangle Bracelet




Head Lamp



 Search and Find Books




Food Face Dinner Plate



Dry Erase Board & Dry Erase Markers


Here are some other fun gift ideas that we have enjoyed:

71WXeMQXQEL._SL1500_Loom Bracelet Set 

Loom bracelets are “the thing” at my son’s elementary school for both boys and girls!



When I had Dylan my kids Grammy brought some of these for the boys to do and no lie 6 months later they still pull them out a couple times a week!  I’m shocked with how creative they have gotten with them!



Zoobs, Trio Blocks and Legos are played ALL THE TIME in my house!  If you have kids that like to play blocks and build I highly suggest all of them!  If you have younger kids the Zoob Jr Set and Trio’s are the way to go!!




417l+Uo9fuLLego Watch


I hope some of these suggestions help make your Christmas shopping easier!  What are you getting your kiddos?  What’s your favorite stocking stuffer?  


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  • The dry erase board is a great idea. My daughter keeps one over her bed and uses it to keep track of her homework assignments and her school calendar. She also likes to add fun thoughts and quotes, etc. to her board.

  • I had to giggle when I read this cause we do our Christmas (I sew so I made a matched set of stocking for us) the same way: nothing for stocking is wrapped and Santa brings one big gift that is also unwrapped and ready for playing. It makes things so wonderful and stress-free because I don’t have any pressure to buy the kids (ages 4 & 22 months) everything they want.

    • I am totally with you – it’s a thing they know. So, my kids only ever ask for 3 things and I never feel like they’re going to be disappointed if they don’t get more!

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