Knock off Graphic Tees

Pam and I are so excited to announce that we are a part of the Cricut Design Star competition!

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This month the project we were assigned to make was something Fashion/Gear. As a member of team 15 we chose the theme “Designer-Inspired.”

This was my first time using the Cricut Explore™ machine and I loved it! It was so easy to use! I loved that you didn’t have to change the blade! No numbers to figure out, you simply change the dial to the material you are wanting to cut and it does all the work for you!


I was in the middle of school shopping when we got the Fashion theme and I knew immediately I wanted to knock off some graphic tees for my boys. Davis is my little smarty pants and I had seen this saying on a shirt before and knew it was perfect for him! I used the Cricut Iron on Transfer to make his shirt.

knock off graphic tees 2

It was so simple. I created the words in the Cricut Design Space and it cut perfectly. It’s easy to weed the extra off too.

grpahic tees2

Then following the instructions I simply ironed it on.

grpahic tees12

I have a major Potterhead in our house – besides me that is! Caleb wanted a Gryffindor shirt.

knock off graphic tees

I wanted to see how easy it would be to cut freezer paper on the machine since I love doing freezer paper stencils. Normally I have to cut it out with an X-Acto  knife but this was so much easier! I cut the freezer paper to fit my 12×12 mat. Make sure you place the paper on the mat with the shiny side up. Then set the machine dial to paper.

grpahic tees4

grpahic tees3

grpahic tees1

Its that easy! I lined the letters up how I wanted them on the shirt, with the shiny side down so I could iron them on. That is why I cut my image in reverse.

grpahic tees7

Then I ironed them on. I used a high setting on my iron because my shirt was cotton. If your shirt has polyester in it be sure to either turn the iron down or put a towel in between the shirt and the iron.

grpahic tees8

We were imitating a shirt we saw where the top was speckled. It looked misty, which was was perfect for a Harry Potter shirt. I filled a bottle with bleach and then lightly sprayed the top so that it would discolor. You don’t need a lot of bleach. It’s always best to start light with 2-3 sprays and then add more as needed.

grpahic tees9

He was pretty dang happy with it!

grpahic tees16

My own little wizard!

grpahic tees14

I also did a few mists of bleach on the back so the entire top of the shirt has the misty stars.

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