Mummy with Beating Heart and Maggots Inside



This project was definitely a bigger project, but it was so worth it! 


It’s a huge project for a small price. I used mostly recycled materials, an iwound, and the free Digital Dudz app.

First we built our coffin.

My hubs had some scrap wood that he built it from. Once I got the kids out of it, I spray painted it black.

Next I started building my mummy. Now I’m not going to lie here, it doesn’t look like much at first – but hang in there, it will! To make the head I used a grocery sack with some newspaper. I also added a light semi-deflated ball I found in the yard to help give it more of a circular shape. For the body I used a kitchen trash bag, more newspaper, and some printer paper that was ready to be recycled.

I stuffed it lightly until it was about 2/3 of the way full. I wanted to be sure that I had enough fill to support the body, and planned on being able to cinch it tighter with the wrap later on.

For the legs and arms I used pool noodles cut to size. I used duct tape and masking tape to roughly attach it all together. When I walked out of the house with my “mummy” at this point John busted up!

So little faith!  He really thought this project was going to be a disaster! Have faith and hang in there! I measured the height and also realized the legs needed some serious bulking up. I wrapped them in newspaper and some rags that I had to give them bulk. Then I sprayed the noodles and parts where there was color with white spray paint so I wouldn’t have to use some much wrapping. Then he was ready to wrap!

I used cheesecloth the first time to wrap him pretty thoroughly. I really just wanted to get the recycled materials covered at this point and I also used this time to line his shoulders and hips up where the noodles attached to the trash bags. I also trimmed up my iwound. I thought it was going to be too big to take in and out if I left it whole. You can see it here right before I was ready to finish the wrapping.

I bought some really cheap white material at Walmart for the outer wrapping. I cut the top of the fabric about every 3 inches and then ripped it in into long strips.

I didn’t want the mummy to be totally stark white so at this point I took my distress ink pad in tea dye and kind of rubbed it down the length of the fabric. I found the best way to do this was to hold the ink pad with one hand and then pull the cloth through on top of it while applying a little pressure so it rubbed on the ink pad.

You can see how it gave the mummy just a little bit of depth and texture. Definitely upped the realism. Then I finished wrapping him. I didn’t want to cover all of the cheesecloth, because I think the two fabrics together gave it much more of a realistic feel.

I also used this material to finish disguising the sides of the iwound. Then I slipped the iwound out and put my phone in and Voila!

The Digital Dudz app is totally free! I used the heartbeat and the maggots animations that were made for the iwound. The maggots seriously looked so realist and gross! We are definitely going to be taking him with us to our truck or treat this year to freak people out!

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