No Peekin’ Surprise Board

This project was super fun to make and I am dying to put it on our porch on Halloween Night! I have a feeling we are going to get some pretty funny reactions.

Here is how it works:


The best part about this project was that we used wood scraps we already had on hand, so it only cost us $5 to make. Our only cost was for the hinges.

The first step is to build a window frame. John cut wood planks in half to make them more narrow and then stapled them together. It wasn’t really sturdy at this point, but we knew we would be screwing the planks in across the window frame, so we were not too worried. Then I painted the window frame white.

I distressed the edges up with sandpaper to give it a really aged look.

Next, we laid the boards out across the top. When lining them up we made sure the board that would hide the phone laid across the inside window piece and stood tall enough to hide the phone. Like this:

From the back it looks like this:

Then we screwed the boards into the frame from the back, and added the hinges. We wanted the top board to be able to lift and close.

Then we drilled a hole for the eyeball to be seen through. I didn’t want it to look like a perfect hole, so we took a screwdriver and hammer and dug some of the wood out around the hole.

I wanted the board to look old so took wood stain and an old rag and rubbed it in strategic places. If you feel like you get to much stain in one area, don’t panic, you can totally solve that by sanding it down with sandpaper.

I added a knob I had on hand, so it was obvious that the board lifted up.

Next I painted the words on it. I decided to write “No Peekin,” because if you put a handle on something and tell people not to look – it pretty much guarantees they will! I didn’t want the lettering to be perfect so I watered the paint down a little bit, and then practiced on another scrap board.

All that was left to do was put wall mounts on the back, so there was a way to attach it to the wall.

Download the free Digital Dudz app and select the animation that was designed to go with the Safety pinned shirt,and secure your phone behind the board.

Now you have a great Halloween prank board for hardly any cost!

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Idiot disclosure! If you are going to use your phone, ipad, or itouch in decor do not leave it unattended. We plan on using this on our porch Halloween night and watching the reactions from a window or our peep hole. If you leave an expensive electronic device unattended it will probably get stolen!!! Also please be sure to secure the device! We will not only set our phone on the window ledge, but will also tape it into place.

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