No Sew Lampshade DIY Makeover

I sat looking at my chandelier the other day and the poor shades were shot. They were bubbling, peeling, and discolored. They were cheap to start with, but add 5 years to them and it was a really sad tale.

I started looking on Amazon, but YIKES – it was so pricey to buy 6 shades! I saw some I really liked, particularly one lampshade that was made from burlap. And that’s when the light bulb went on – I have burlap and I could recover them myself for free.


I grabbed my glue gun, scissors, and burlap and got to work. You could use this same technique with regular material too. My burlap was really rough and next time I would use a smoother material. I’m going to be on the lookout for some old shades at the thrift store that I can recover for spring/summertime.

First, I cut my material 3 inches wider on each side and quite a bit longer. Your material is going to wrap crooked in order for it to lay flat. Make sure you give yourself enough to wrap it. Starting at the top I hot glued the top of the material all the way around the top rim.

At the end it will look something like this.

Then fold the material down over the lampshade.

You will need to pull it down, so it lays smooth at the top. Once I had it lined up I trimmed the bottom material, so it only was about 3/4 inch over the rim.

Then I started gluing it down. Make sure you pull it tight as you glue!

Once you get about 1/2 of the way around you need to close the edge up before finishing the bottom.

Pull the edge over and make sure its smooth, then put hot glue down the burlap and stick it down.

Trim the edge back along the bottom again and then finish gluing the bottom down.

Next, I wanted to finish the edge on the inside, so it looked polished. I tried ribbon at first, but it didn’t look great. Next, I tried covering the ribbon in burlap. To do that glue the ribbon down on a strip of your material, then trim it so there is about a half inch of material on each side.

Then glue each side of the material up over the ribbon.

Which will leave you will a nice finished band of your material.

Then I glued it around the edge of the inside. It ended up looking really nice and finished.

I am super happy with the way it looks, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas time!

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