Perfect Pairing for a Cheese Tasting

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Today I am going to share with you something you may not know about me and that is that I love cheese!  Over the weekend, at my families Easter Party, I put together a little cheese tasting table! It was seriously the most fun thing we’ve done in a long time! Everyone loved it!  And, now that Sargento has their Speciality Cheese Tasting’s blocks it is something you can do on a budget too!
Sargento Tastings come in eight specialty snack block cheese varieties that are perfect for an everyday snack, late night craving or even something on the bigger scale like a party table!
Sargento Tastings only retail at $2.69 each, so I decided to use all 8 speciality cheeses! The cheeses range in size from 3.25 to 3.95 ounce – so if you are having a large gathering one of each block is the perfect amount! We had about 8 adults and 5 kids that ate from the table (the rest were 5 and under) and we all were able to have a few of each kind of cheese!
Here’s what I did with each cheese:

Aged Wisconsin Cheddar – Sharp, Nutty Flavor

I made a sample tray by combining Granny Smith Apples and the Cheese with a Toothpick. You could also pair these with some almonds!

Aged Vermont White Cheddar – Unique, Mature tasting Cheddar

Pairs well with a variety of nuts, so I did a simple candy glaze on some pecans and put a few pieces of it and the cheese in 2oz sample tasting cups!

Bruschetta Jack – Monterey Jack infused with tomato, basil & garlic

This cheese has so much flavor by itself, so I just simply placed it on top of a Crostini

Fiesta Pepper Jack – Sweet Chili, Jalapeño, Serrano and Habanero

For this cheese I made a Fiesta Pepper Jack Kabob with Pineapple, Green Grapes and Red Grapes!

Medium Asiago – Deep, Sharp and Butter Flavors

For this cheese I used the sample cups again and put some spicy nuts in the bottom and used a toothpick to put a small piece of green pepper, red pepper and the cheese together.

Creamy Havarti – Made w/ extra cream to make it extra smooth

For this cheese I used a toothpick to hold together a piece of rye bread, some cheese and a couple grilled (or roasted) red peppers together! 

Parmentino™ – Parmesan blended with English Cheddar gives it a Rich Flavor with some Tangy Notes

For this cheese I used the sample cups again (they may be a new party favorite of mine) and put a few walnuts in the bottom and used a toothpick to combine the cheese and a pitted date together. If you aren’t a date lover, you could use a couple raisins instead. 

New Zealander™ – Combines the Creamy Flavor of Gouda with the sharpness of Cheddar. Provides a sweet and nutty flavor.

For this cheese I used some baked Pita Bread (you could also used pita chips) and I spread some marmalade on it and then topped it off with the cheese!
I was really happy with how fun it turned out and all my family enjoyed trying all the different cheeses!  I literally couldn’t even get the table arranged cute, because my family attacked the cheeses right when they walked in and I was running a bit late on my preparation! 
I will for sure be doing another Cheese Tasting table in the near future! You can also check out Sargento on Pinterest and Sargento on Facebook for more awesome ideas!

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