Potions Book with Moving Snakes

I love Harry Potter and last year I made a whole Professor Snape’s potions kit. Check it out – you can even download the potions labels for free!

It really needed a potions book and I was planning on making one this year.  When Mark showed me the Digital Dudz app and I saw the snakes I knew that it was perfect for the ultimate potions book cover.


Check out how it looks in action:

Obviously,  I can’t have an ipad in it all of the time, so I solved that with a picture of Professor Snape that stays in the book when I’m not throwing a party!

This was another super easy project that cost less than $5 to make. The book cost me $2 at our local thrift store. I looked for one that was old and that had a fabric feeling cover, but more importantly that wasn’t embossed on. I knew I was going to paint the book and I didn’t want there to be indents in the paint. Here was my book before I started and you can see the dark under coat green paint I started with.

I did a pretty even coat on the book – not perfect, but mostly covering. Then I lightened the paint up with some yellow and cream for the top coat.

I put the top coat on light and very imperfectly! Then I cut a hole in the front for the ipad to show through. I cut the back with a small X-acto knife, so the cuts were pretty straight.

For the front of the book I made sure to peel the book away so it looked really rough.

You can see how the darker color shows through. Then to age the book even more I took an orangish color and painted part of the peeled back part. Then I used my black distress ink pad to mark up all the edges of the hole and the edges of the book. I also used a little bit of sandpaper to sand up the edges.

This is what it looked like when the cover was all done. I had Pam cut me a little vinyl with her silhouette for the title and also for the date underneath. I peeled the vinyl in reverse and used the vinyl as a stencil. I did a coat of black for the lettering and then mixed some gold into the black and painted another coat over it to give the writing a fancier look. Yes, I am a die hard nerd – the date is the year Hogwarts was created in Roman Numerals.

Next, I measured the ipad on the inside of the book and cut the shape of it out into the pages, so that the ipad would sit inside with the cover laying flat. I forgot to take pictures of this part as I was doing it – just think of a prison movie and you will get the idea 🙂

It looked so great with dry ice in the cups and the snakes slithering around inside the book! Its going to be amazing at our Halloween party!

The app is totally free! Score! Plus if you want to get any of the other Digital Dudz shirts so you can have the coolest Halloween costume this year, you can use the promo code:


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