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Simple Homemade Hot Pockets

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I had to share these recipes, even though my neighbor, good friend, and fellow blogger Jessica from Pretty Providence already has!  I just feel like everybody should know about them – because they are FABULOUS and kids love them!  She introduced them to me a while back and now not only do I make them often, but so do my mom and my sisters!  hehe 🙂

I for the most part just make 3 difference variations of the Homemade Pockets – Ham & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese and Pepperoni & Cheese.  We use two different seasonings, either Italian or Ranch.

I made two different variations the other day and it will give you the idea of how to make them and really show you that you can make them however you want, with whatever filings!


First up was Ham and Cheese pockets!  Here is what you need:

  • Frozen Rhodes Roll Dough
  • Ham, Cheese, Pepperoni (really whatever you want)
  • Cheese (Colby Jack, Mozarella, Pepper Jack – again whatever you want)
  • Italian or Ranch Seasoning

Take out your frozen rhodes rolls a few hours before you want to make your Pockets.  They don’t need to be raised at all, just thawed and soft. I usually get them out around 10 am if I’m making them for lunch!  For the Ham and Cheese pockets, I  just use my Colby Jack Mix of Cheese and then you can use the Italian Seasoning or Ranch Seasoning.  I used the Ranch Seasoning this particular day.  On a side note, both seasonings are super affordable at Costco for the larger containers!  Totally worth getting them there if you have a membership.



Start by cutting up your ham into smaller pieces and get your little setup ready, so everything is within arms reach!



 Then take your (washed) hands and smash your rhodes roll into a circle.  I then add my seasoning!



Then I layer in the cheese and the Ham!


To close your roll, I have found that taking the underneath side and pulling it up over the top side works best.  Then I kind of just roll the sizes together, smashing them into each other with my fingers.  If any of the stuffing is coming out, then just push it back in with my finger.  I have found just pinching the sides together doesn’t close tight enough.  When they cook they would open up a little.


This what it looks like when it is all closed.  Then when I put it on the greased pan, I put this side down.


After they are all on the pan, I like to melt a little butter and brush the tops with it and then I like to add a little more Ranch seasoning on their tops too!


Then bake them at 350 for about 20 minutes and ENJOY!


For the Pepperoni Pockets I make pretty much the same way.  I like to use the mini Pepperoni’s and Mozzarella Cheese, along with the Ranch Seasoning (think Ranch flavored crust)!  I don’t like adding the sauce on the inside, cause it doesn’t give the pocket a crispy feeling. So, if I want sauce, I usually just have it in a side bowl and dip my pocket into it.  But, honestly, they don’t need sauce.  They are just fabulous plain!

Hope you and your family enjoys these as much as we all do!


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