Spooky Spirits Moving in Haunted Mansion

I knew for our mantle this year I wanted a haunted spooky picture as the focal point. My Halloween decor definitely has a Harry Potter feel and this is my Shrieking Shack so to speak!

When Mark showed me the free Digital Dudz app and I saw the fireflies animation – I immediately thought it would totally look like ghosts in my Shrieking Shack! And it does!


This project was not as hard to make as I first anticipated. In fact, its pretty darn easy. First I found my image. I paid a little for my image on a Stock image supply website.  Once I had the image, I printed it onto paper the size I wanted it to be. Mine is about 16×20. It has to be printed on a laser printer for this transfer process to work! I’m pretty sure copy supply stores do it for cheap.

Next I bought some gel medium to transfer the image from the paper onto the fabric. I used a really light white muslin for my fabric.

I laid my muslin out over a scrap board to save my table from getting the gel medium on it, and then I brushed a layer of the gel medium on the fabric.

I used a brush, but next time I would use more of a trowel. It wasn’t hard in the beginning to get it on evenly, but it was at the end.

Then I laid my picture onto the wet gel medium, face down.

I took the flat part to my grater bottom and used it to make sure the paper was really pressed onto the fabric.

After you have it all pressed down well you need to let it completely dry. Mine took about 4 hours, but most tutorials will tell you to wait overnight. I found it was helpful to pick it up off the wood and hang it on a hanger with a clothespin. It helped it dry faster.

Then you just have to get the paper off. This was more time consuming than I thought, but a good movie made it bearable! I forgot to take pictures of this step, but it’s pretty simple. You need a squirt bottle filled with water to mist the paper lightly. You don’t want to get the paper very wet, just enough to peel it off. Gently work it off a little bit at a time, so you don’t remove the image from the fabric. When the paper is all off your image is on the fabric!

Here is what my floor looked like when it was all done:

It comes off in tiny little pieces. Be patient! And the final image looked like this:

I wanted my image to look old so I love that there are parts that are missing and rough. I don’t think I used as much gel medium as I should have. So. if you want a cleaner image, use a really good layer of the gel medium.

Then I tacked my image into a frame, and hung it on my mantle. When I want it to look really spooky I use the fireflies animation from the free Digital Dudz app and place it behind the image and it looks like ghosts have inhabited our Shrieking Shack!

The best news yet is that we can hook you up with your own Digital Dudz Halloween costume! You can get a special discount for any of the shirts or the iwound by entering:


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  • Love your ideas!!! I even went and bought one of your brother’s shirts, but there is no discount for using overthebigmoon in the payment area… Just said invalid code…

  • Well you have been super busy 🙂 Everything is so much fun, but I will need another iPad and then four iphones cause I want to make everything!!! I think the No Peeking is my favorite and then your live spirits. So cool!

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