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Shirt Ideas for Teenage Boys -- from overthebigmoon.com!

Teenage Boy T-Shirt Ideas using Iron On

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Here are some fun ideas for Teenage Boy T-Shirt Ideas! Customizing t-shirts is so easy and such a fun way to show your kids personality!

Shirt Ideas for Teenage Boys -- from overthebigmoon.com!

As you know if you’ve been to my site before, I love making shirts with Iron On and my EasyPress. I have literally hundreds of ideas for my daughter, but when it comes to my older boys it can be a little more challenging. Especially with my 10 year old.

So, earlier this week while we had family in town we decided to sit down and brainstorm some ideas for my 10 year old and my 13 year old nephew and we came up with some real fun ideas!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off T-Shirt

My nephews favorite movie right now is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! And really it’s such a ‘teenager’ movie, right? And being that it takes saying our kids names like 10 times to get them to hear us, this shirt seemed like the perfect idea!

Items needed to make:

For a step by step tutorial on how to cut, weed and apply iron onto t-shirts, you can follow the full detailed tutorial in my ‘DIY Kids Basketball Shirts‘ tutorial!


This may or may not surprise you, but I buy all my boys dri-fit t-shirts at Walmart! You guys — they have SOOO many choices and they are so so affordable! My 10 years shirts range between $3.50-$8.

They’ll also run sales every once in a while, so I just stock up on colors and sizes when they’re extra cheap!

10 Things that Require Zero Talent T-Shirt Idea from overthebigmoon.com!

We also put together this fun t-shirt at my nephews request! He saw this sign at his dads house and wanted to put it on his shirt! I loved the saying and also loved that now all the kids at his middle school will be reading it on a regular basis!

To make, use this Design Space File, and follow the same tutorial that I linked to the DIY Kids Basketball Shirts for application.

Boys T-Shirt Ideas for Iron On from overthebigmoon.com!

Ideas for Boys Iron On Shirts

Looking for some other sayings for shirt ideas? I loved these!

  • Easily Distrac  – you know instead of easily distracted?? haha!
  • I only love my bed and my momma! Sorry!
  • I’m kinda a big deal!
  • Like a Boss
  • My heart says Yes, but my mom says No!
  • You have to be odd to be #1 – Dr Suess
  • Sometimes I amaze even myself
  • If you love me, let me sleep
  • Stop Waiting for Things to Happen, Go out & Make them happen!
  • Weekend — I love you!
  • Me? Overreacting? Probably!
  • Please don’t make me do stuff.
  • I need money. Not a job!
  • Wake me up when it’s Friday!

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Teen Boys DIY Shirt Ideas for Iron On - www.overthebigmoon.com!

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