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Tomorrowland: Ride by Ride

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I’ve been crazy busy with my sons broken arm the last couple of days and I have not had a chance to answer questions this week. I should have them answered by Friday. Sorry!

Today I am going through Tomorrowland!  If you missed our past Disneyland posts, be sure to go check out my Insiders Guide to Disneyland, Disneyland Questions and Answers, and Fantasyland Guide: Ride by Ride! Frontierland & Critter Country – Ride by RideAdventureland and New Orleans Square – Ride by Ride!


Astro Orbitor – Great ride for all ages, but slow going line. Good ride for one parent to do while the other waits for the parade.

Autopia – Great ride, all ages but must 52″ to ride alone. Line moves fast. The line splits at one point and the line to the left seems longer. but usually they have that line loading into two sets of cars, where the one on the right only goes to 1 set of cars. Before you split check and see how many lanes they have open.

Buzz Lightyear – Really great ride, fast line, all ages can ride, but it is loud and can be overwhelming for some little kids. Each car has 2 guns that shoot targets. Targets are worth different amounts of points, so choose to shoot at higher point targets for higher points (Triangle targets are worth 10,000 points. Diamond targets = 5,000 points. Square targets = 1,000 points. Circle targets = 100 points.) There are also hidden “Z” targets throughout the ride. Not scientifically proven – but we swear if you are evenly matched the person on the left side gets a better score.

Captain EO – 3-D movie Usually you can get in even if there is al big crowd. It’s a nice cool place to sit for a while. It can be quite scary for younger kids though.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – Wonderful ride for all ages, line moves at a pretty good pace. You will probably not enjoy this ride if you are claustrophobic.

Monorail – Great way to get to and from Downtown Disney. You can ride in the front or the back of the monorail on days that are not too hot. You just have to wait near the doors and they board you after the other passengers. Closes during fireworks and reopens when they are done. (See Disney Questions answered for more information.)

Jedi Training Academy – Show is in the Tomorrowland Terrace. Children are chosen from the ground level to participate and get a chance to fight Darth Vader or Darth Maul. Really enjoyable show to watch. In order for children to be chosen they have to be down in the sectioned off area. (See Disney Questions answered for more information.)

Space Mountain – Fast ride, slow line. Fast pass available, so take advantage of it! Riders must be 40″ tall to ride.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue – Fast pass available. Fun ride for kids, can be hard on adults. If you are prone to motion sickness this ride may not be your favorite. They have restructured the ride, so that there are different beginnings, middle, and ends that shuffle for 54 possible different rides.

Disneyland Railroad – This stop takes you to Main Street Station next. There is a dinosaur exhibit between this station and the next one. Closes during fireworks and reopens when they are done

Innoventions – This is worth your time to explore. As of right now (2014) Its has some really cool things to do with Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.

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  • I realize I’m a little late coming to the party, but LOVE all of the helpful hints you have given to us. I’m just curious whether you have a series like this one for California Adventures too?

  • Innoventions is a great ride to do during the heat of the day. There usually is no line and you get inside quickly where it’s air conditioned. My friend and I did this on one of our last days to just relax. We ended up having a great time. Its all about the future and dream houses and very interactive. It’s not a must so if you only have a day prioritize but if you’ve got the five day hopper pass this is something to do on an off day or a day to just relax 🙂 hope this helps! Cheers

  • I know the Buzz Lightyear ride has 2 guns per car but will they allow a young child to ride in the middle of 2 parents or do we need to get a rider swap for this ride?

  • Thanks for all these tips! I’ve been to Disney tons of times, but didn’t know some of the stuff you’ve shared. I went into Innoventions once–it was fine, but not something I usually visit. It’s kind of a “go once to see what it’s about and don’t go again” type of thing 🙂

  • Innoventions isn’t so much a ride as it is a “museum” of sorts. There is a “House of the Future” or something like that…which has different high tech inventions that could be introduced into homes in the future, like a fridge that keeps track of bar codes on labels so you have a running inventory of your groceries, a computer type thing in the counter to store recipes/calendar schedules/etc. There is a “bedroom” in the home that they tell the story of Peter Pan in, and the room comes to life with the story. There is a different bedroom that you stand in front of a mirror and then you can choose different outfits to “try on” and it is projected over your body. There is a different part that has a show with a robot that does tricks. There is a different part that has different tests you can do that have to do with your health. There is another part that has video game type things. I am sure I haven’t even explored all of it, it’s pretty big. However, Logan and I loved going inside there in the afternoons when it would get a little more crowded because not a lot of people seem to know about it, plus it has a/c so it was nice when it was hot outside. We really enjoyed going, but it isn’t an absolute MUST DO in the park. But if you’re waiting to burn some time, or want to get out of the heat, or want to get away from the crowds, it’s a great place to go!

  • Great info! I just went to Disney in January and can’t wait to go back! Found you at Too Much Time on My Hands. Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle @ CrazyforCrafts

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