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Train Table to Lego Table!

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I’m so excited about this project! My boys were starting to outgrow their train table and our train set had definitely outgrown the table top. We are entering the Lego stage in our house and while I am super excited, I’m sick of finding them all over my house! Grrr… stepping on Lego’s barefoot hurts!

They really needed a place set aside for Lego’s.  I thought their train table would make the perfect surface. It has a lip so they wont fall off. They can leave their creations up and not have to put them away each time they stopped playing. Plus there were already big drawers to hold the Lego’s.  I decided to convert my train table to a Lego table by adding the Lego building plates to the top.


I found the LEGO Bricks Blue Building Plate (10″ x 10″) on Amazon to be the best priced. They were $5.52 when I bought them so the whole table cost me about $70. It has been worth every cent! Amazon did limit me to 5 Lego plates so I did have to have Pam and another friend order some for me.

Our train table was the one that Costco sells each year at Christmas. Its this table: KidKraft Train Set and Table. Only at Costco it came with two KidKraft Train Drawers. I love these drawers and would hate to not have them for storage. If you have toddler boys this train table and train set is a great way to start off a train set.

I flipped my train table top over and spray painted the top black.

This way if we want to use the design on the top we still can! I only painted the edges black thinking the whole middle would be covered in the Lego plates but you can see just a little bit in between. If I were to do it over again I would give the whole top a coat of black. The middle would not need to be perfect but a light black coat would be good.

Next I marked out the edges of where I wanted my plates to start and started gluing them down.


I used  527 Multi-Use Glue. This is my go-to glue for everything, seriously its the BEST glue ever! But, for this project it wasn’t the best. I had to reattach one of the plates using Liquid Nails.

 I bought 12 plates to cover most of the surface area of my top. They did not fit perfectly so I turned the bigger edges into a road, which my boys love.

For the road I just used a yard stick and pencil to mark it. I did a 1 inch line and then a 2 inch break. Once I had my lines in pencil I took a small paint brush and white paint to paint over the pencil.

I found it easiest not to center the plates, but rather to use one edge to line the plates up so I knew they were going on straight. As I added plates I actually used Lego’s to hold them together so I knew the spacing would be a seamless Lego surface.

The whole project took me about 20 minutes to assemble and was SO easy! My boys LOVE it! Their friends LOVE it! The have so much fun building and love that they can keep adding to their base or town rather than have to put them away and destroy it every time. It is making a huge difference with how much their imagination can run wild since they keep building on what they have already created.


Mom is happy too, because even though they are leaving their Lego’s out, it looks neat and tidy! Another win-win-win project! (Please tell me there are a few Office fans out there who understand my win-win-win jokes!)


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