Trick or Treat Bag with Lit Moving Eyes!

This could be my favorite project we made with the Digital Dudz app! Just so you know – there was NO coaxing done for this video.

How cool would it be as a kid to have an animated trick or treat bag! It is going to look so great out trick or treating when it’s dark! At the same time I didn’t want the bag to look lame if there wasn’t a phone or itouch inside. So we made the pocket out of cute fabric that would not only hold the phone but make cute eyes when the phone was not inside the bag! This animation is for the Haunted Picture frame shirt in the free Digital Dudz app.


The photo on the left has the eyes going and the photo on the right is what it looks like without the phone inside.

Other animations totally worked with it too, like the Witches Brew eyes.

So let’s get started on making your own bag!

To do this project you need a bag to start with. I ordered a cheap tote to do the appliqueing on. I’m not going to go into all the details of how to applique because that in and of itself is a huge post! If you want to see a great tutorial, I learned from Sundi at Life of a Cheap Chickadee. I also want to mention that I do not claim credit for the actual sewing on this bag! My good friend, Crystal, did it while I sat around and chit chatted. I’m useful like that 🙂 My machine was out of town and Crystal helped me not only with her machine. but also with her mad sewing skills. She really is amazing!

The first thing we did was cut our pumpkin out and fit his eyes. so that the app would work with the pumpkin. Lucky for you, I am giving you a copy of our pattern. so that step is all done. You can download the pumpkin pattern at the bottom of this post.

Here are our pieces all ready to go. We chose to do a backing to the pumpkin to help it pop more and to hide the stitches of the pocket.

Heat and Bond is going to be your best friend in this process! Each piece needs to have it ironed onto the back. This way you can peel the other half off and iron it down and it will hold the piece in place while you sew. It keeps your bag looking crisp. Make sure you use the light kind! If you use the heavier kind, it will be a mess to try to sew through it and it can hurt your machine.

We also sewed cute lines down our pumpkin after cutting it out to give it some depth.

We did this after we had applied the heat and bond, but I would definitely do the lines before applying it next time.

The most important part is to figure out where the eyes were going to go on the bag. After we had our pieces cut, we laid them out on the bag and then using a pencil we traced around the eyes on our black polka dot piece. I was totally absorbed in the process here and forgot to take pictures of this – sorry. Then we cut the eye holes out of the black material and sewed around them so they would not fray.

Next we laid it back out onto the bag and did the same thing to mark the eye holes, only this time it was onto the actual bag. Then we cut the eyes out again. We lined the bag, the black backing fabric, and the pumpkin up and make sure the eyes in the phone all lined up correctly before we did any sewing! Thankfully the app allows you to do some adjusting on your screen and that helps a lot!

The next step is to sew the pocket onto the inside the of the bag. First, we cut the pocket the right size and finished the edge that would be the top of the pocket. Again, no camera! I’m sorry! But. you can see in this picture how the top part is folded over and sewn.

We lined the pocket up so the phone would be in just the right place, and pinned the pocket into place. Once we had it all pinned right, we sewed it onto the bag, making sure the cute fabric was facing out. We tested how tight the pocket would be to the phone and as you can see we had to take it in some to make it nice and snug.

We did not want the phone to slip out. This pocket is tight enough that you could hold the bag upside down and it would not fall out.

Once we had our pocket in place we started to applique each layer on. You have to be careful about how you sew your layers on because you don’t want to sew into the pocket in the back.

Be sure to follow this order when sewing it all together:

  • Pocket
  • Lines on pumpkin, then attach the heat and bond
  • Pumpkin onto the backing piece on the bag
  • Nose and mouth onto the pumpkin
  • Whole piece onto the bag.
  • Stem and any additional designs, like our stars.

We appliqued a fun design onto the back too! We made this bag as a present for Marks son as his trick or treating bag.

Here is the template for the pumpkin.  It is a really rough pattern, but it should save you quite a bit of time!

You totally are not limited to this pumpkin design either. You could just as easily sew a pocket and use one of the shirts from Digital Dudz. Just cut the shirt into a square and sew that to the outside of a bag if appliqueing is not your style. Better yet, turn this years costume into next years bag if your child wants to wear a shirt this year, but outgrows it next year!

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