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We turned our long weekend into a Star Wars weekend! Up until this point I hadn’t let the boys watch Episode 1, 2, and 3 so we decided to watch all 6 in order (Beckham and Davis only got to watch parts of Episode 3.) It was a blast! I just cant quite keep my hands still though so I decided to make a cute felt Valentines bunting while we watched the movies.

Valentines decor10

Valentines decor11

First I cut a heart out of card stock that I liked. Then I traced and cut the hearts out of felt. I used the fold of the felt to make sure both sides were exact.



I tried to use tape to keep the hearts together while I ran them through my sewing machine but it didn’t want to stay together – FAIL.


Instead I just ran the machine through the heart and then when I got to the end I lifted my foot up and put the next one in.


I got a little carried away and made a lot of it so I strung it up all over our house 🙂

Valentines decor5


Valentines decor4

Valentines decor7

I also brought the rest of our Valentines Decor out.

Valentines decor3

The boys were so excited to see our mailboxes again! Mail has already started being delivered!

Valentines decor1    Valentines decor6  Valentines decor8

I was more excited to see the pillows I sewed last year. They were the first sewing project I really had attempted!

Valentines decor9

It was such a great long weekend. Makes me long for the summer again!

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