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Winter or Holiday To-Do

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I’m just a few weeks away from switching out my Fall Fun to-do list to a Winter to-do list!  For some of you, it may already be looking more like Winter then Fall though.  So, I thought I would share it now.!  I was torn between making a Winter to-do list or a Holiday to-do list.  So, I am offering both!  I have 5 different designs and you can choose to have it say Winter to-do or Holiday to-do at the top! I personally am going to print design 3 with the top saying Winter to-do!  Like I mentioned, I’m not quite ready to switch out my Fall Fun to-do list, but if you are wanting to see what it will look like printed and in a frame, click HERE, to see my Fall Fun to-do list completed!

I originally fell in love Summer 2010 when they came out with this idea of doing it with scrapbook paper and since then it’s evolved into printables!  Thanks girls!

What you’ll need:
-Print both the top and bottom 12×18 printables (I printed them at our local Costco)
12×36 Poster Frame (or 11.75″x36)
Tape the two portions together, lining up the design as straight as possible, and then put them in the 12×36 poster frame.  Trim the edges slightly if needed. Costco does over 12×36 prints, but you have to go in and manually upload the file.
Then write your Winter to-do list on the glass of the frame using a black sharpie (don’t worry, it wipes off easy using some Windex or a Glass cleaner).  Then, let your kiddos check them off as your complete all your Winter and/or Holiday activities!!
I did learn something this round!  When I bought my poster frame for my Fall Fun to-do list it only came in 12×36 at the store I was at (Roberts).  On Saturday, I went to go pick up some poster frames for my sisters and I could only find 11.75″x36″.  I had purchased mine at Roberts, but they were completely out.  So, I went to Michaels and they had several.  BUT, they were all 11.75″x36″.  Apparently, per the Michael’s employee, 11.75″x36″ is the more standard of the two. So, you may have to trim some off the sides of my printables if all you are able to find is a 11.75″x36 frame.  I did move in the words at the top of my printables, so the design should not be affected if you do need to trim.
I’ve started working on our families list.  Feel free to reference my list below when you’re writing your list out and then add some of your own of course!
Attend Temple Christmas Lighting
Go sledding
Visit Santa Clause
Baking Day
Go Black Friday Shopping
Make Gingerbread Houses
Make a Christmas Train
Go look at Christmas Lights
Drink Hot Chocolate
Write Letters to Santa Clause
Decorate for Christmas
Get Christmas Jammies
Visit the Temple Nativity
Christmas Shopping
Deliver Neighbor Gifts
Deliver the boys Friend Gifts
Dana Family Christmas Party
Christmas Eve Family Party
Cookies and Milk for Santa
Winter Crafts
Christmas Crafts
Christmas Pre-K Pack (coming next week)
Send out Christmas Cards
Read 10 Christmas Books
Play in the Snow
WatchThe Polar Express
WINTER to-do Downloads:

Design 1:  

Design 2:  

Design 3:  

Design 4:  

Design 5:  

 HOLIDAY to-do Downloads:

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