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Cricut Vinyl Socks

Make these fun DIY Funny Saying Socks using your Cricut machine, Sportflex Iron On and an EasyPress!
Cook Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: DIY
Servings: 3 Pairs of Socks
Author: Over The Big Moon
Cost: 10




  • Open the DIY Kids Funny Socks Design Space File and hit customize.
    This is the time that you'll be able to amend or resize the designs. Currently some aspects of the designs are 'attached,' so you may need to detach them to amend them. If all you're needing to do is resize the designs, then there is no need to detach any of the designs. 
  • I currently have the designs sized no wider than 2.15" wide or 3.5" long, because that is what worked for my sons size of socks. Flatten the socks you plan on using, and measure the area you want the design to go. Then resize the designs to what you need. Once everything is ready to go, then it 'MAKE IT' in the top right hand corner. 
  • The first thing you want to check is that the designs all look right on the mats, then you'll want to mirror the images. When cutting any kind of Iron On Vinyl, you ALWAYS need to mirror the design. I also like to space the designs out a little more than the way they load.Then hit 'Continue' in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Choose your Cricut Machine and materials on the screen. Place the SportFlex Iron On on your Standard Mat SHINY SIDE DOWN. Load your mat and when the 'C' button starts flashing, then hit it to cut your design.
  • After your design is cut, remove it from the mat. Use your scissors and weeding tool from the Essential Tool Kit to cut around your designs and weed the excess SportFlex Iron On from around your designs.
  • Take out your EasyPress Mini (or any EasyPress) and the EasyPress Mat and get it heating. You can determine the heat level and time by going to the EasyPress Heat Settings Guide
  • Flatten the bottom of your socks and use your EasyPress Mini to iron them even flatter and to preheat the area you'll be placing the SportFlex Iron On.
  • Once the area is flat and preheated, place your design. For this project, I was instructed to put the EasyPress Mini on medium heat and heat each area of the design for 25 seconds.
  • Allow the iron on to cool completely and carefully remove the plastic protective sheeting. Repeat for each sock!