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20 Best Series & Shows on Netflix from www.overthebigmoon.com!

20 of the BEST Series and Shows on Netflix

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Looking for a new show to watch on Netflix? Today Pam and I are breaking down our favorite shows for you and hopefully you will have a few new suggestions and you can find something new to watch!

Lisa’s Top 10

I am pretty picky about what I watch. I like shows that are pretty clean in content and language. These are in no particular order!


1. Numb3rs – About a mathematician and his brother who is an FBI agent. Together they solve crimes using math. Yes, we are nerdy by nature and loved this show! For a crime drama it was not bloody at all and very moderate all around.


2. Merlin – I was shocked how into this series I got! It is super clean and I would have let my 8+ kids watch it with me. Set in the time of Camelot it is all about King Arthur before he becomes King and how Merlin assists him while hiding his magic from him. It was the perfect mix of action, humor, romance, and suspense!


3. CSI NY – I have watched a few seasons of CSI and CSI Miami and they were all right. But I loved CSI New York. Gary Sinise is awesome and I felt the characters were more likable than the other CSI’s.


4. Once Upon a Time – Another family friendly series I would allow my kids to watch with me. It is all about Fairy tale characters that are sent to our world and have forgotten who they are. Very clever writing and interesting to see how they tie Fairy tales into modern life characters. I also love how the interweave the Fairy Tales into each other from the past.


5. Bones – About a forensic anthropologist with no social skills who is teamed up with a smooth FBI agent. I liked the characters in this show and how they developed them over the years.


6. North and South – This is more of a mini series but it’s one of my favorite shows on Netflix. It is a four part adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s story of Margaret Hale. She is middle class southerner use to a softer life but is forced to move to the northern harsh town of Milton. Sigh, its got a lovely ending.


7. Lie to Me – This was one I liked and my hubs loved. All about a man who uses facial clues to tell if people are lying.


8. Alias – Loved this series! Full of double agents and secret operative groups. This show is intense and will leave you wanting to watch just one more episode every time!


9. Sherlock – This show has super interesting plots and amazing acting. I can not wait for more!!! Set in modern day London, Holmes and Watson search the streets in search of clues.


10. The Finder – I really enjoyed this show even though there was only 1 season. It just about killed me how they ended it! It really needed a second season! Nevertheless, I really liked season one and loved Michael Clarke Duncan’s character and the gypsy culture worn through the show.

Up next for me: Psych, Call the Midwife, Arrested Development, and Doctor Who

Pam’s Top 10

I love several of the series Lisa named above, I also watched Numb3rs, CSI NY, Bones, and Alias!  Loved them all!  I honestly would have Alias and Numb3rs on my list too, but because Lisa has them on her list, I will bring some other titles to you!  I have to admit something before I start my list… and that is….1/2 of me loves shows that 16 year old girls like too! haha 🙂  I don’t know if it’s cause they’re easy watches and I can work at the same time or if I just never fully grew up.  But, either way, there are a few on my list!  So, without further ado… and in no particular order.


1. New Girl – This show is HILARIOUS!  It’s about a school teacher who breaks up with a long time boyfriend and moves in with 3 totally different types of guys.  I love the main characters awkwardness and some of the smaller characters humor totally makes the show. 


2. Revenge – The show is about a girl who’s father was framed for treason when she was a little girl.  After a rough childhood she finally finds out her father was framed and she heads back to the Hamptons under an alias to seek Revenge against all those that were part of  his framing. 


3. One Tree Hill – I’ll be honest, I watched this show from the day it aired all the way through its 9 seasons!  The first season starts out with the main character, Lucas, coming back to Tree Hill and he is just starting a relationship with his father and step brother who is his same age.  The brothers both play for the HS basketball team and it has several main characters that all bring such a diversity and drama to the show!  


4. Scandal – The main character, Olivia Pope is so tough and I love that about her!  The show takes place in DC and Olivia is in the middle of all the political scandals helping make them disappear and not be so public – she basically comes in a does damage control!  She has a past (but semi lingering) romantic affair with the President.  This show is seriously awesome!


5.  Gossip Girl – Oh Gossip Girl!  I think I love this show, because it is so unimaginable to me.  The world of High School Upper East Side kids – where they all live in luxury penthouse suites, have endless allowances and no curfews!  Gossip Girl is an unknown person that posts all the juicy gossip tips that everyone sends in on a social media site.  The show also includes a Brooklyn family that helps bring a nice reality to


6. Vampire Diaries– The show takes place in Mystic Falls, VA and follows the main character Elena as she learns that her town is full of Vampires!  The main Vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon, have a love/hate relationship and throughout the seasons I went back and forth on which brother I loved more – haha 🙂  


7.  Hart of Dixie – The NYC girl, Dr Zoe Hart, finds herself in the small Southern town, Bluebell, after she finds out she inherits part of her biological father’s (who she never met before he passed) medical practice.  The show shares all of Zoe’s love life’s ups and downs and you will fall in love with the whole town of Bluebell!


8. Pretty Little Liars – The show follows 4 friends – Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily.  There lives turned crazy when the “leader” of their group Ally disappears.  Years later they start getting notes from a mystery person “A” – who is constantly threatening to reveal their secrets and harm them and their loved ones.


9. Parenthood – This show is based around 3 generations of the Braverman family! I love this show, because although it is drama filled there is humor in there too!  I really love Lauren Graham’s character, Sarah.  But, honestly, all the actors in it are amazing!


10.  Desperate Housewives – This is one of those shows that you will watch every night of the week until you finish the series!  The show mainly takes places on their street, Wisteria Lane and follows 4 very different friends as their surburban drama unfolds.  The show’s stories are narrated by their friend, Mary Alice, who is now deceased.  This show is not only filled with drama, but it’s also so funny!

Have missed any of your favorite shows? If so please tell us in the comments what your favorite show is and why!



Previous author of Over the Big Moon. I shared my passion for home and family life! I love graphic design, DIY projects, cooking, and working in my garden! My favorite role is taking care of my husband and our 3 amazing and busy boys!

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  • My wife and I just binge watched “Hart of Dixie” all four season and it has left us jonesing for a series similar to this one! Any suggestions?

    • Ahhh! I love that show so much! Have you ever watched the older show Everwood? Also, the show Jane the Virgin took me a few episodes to get into (the humor is different), but then I was HOOKED! It’s so funny and you get really attached to the characters!

  • There were some awesome choices on both lists but can someone pls explain to me how the ending of Merlin made sense to the show because i never was able to figure it out.

  • I’m currently watching Criminal Minds. I’m on season 6. I also enjoyed Numbers & One Tree Hill. Psych is another one of my favorites. I will have to watch something funny after I finish Criminal Minds. I’ll need something light & comedic after all this death & serial killer stuff.

  • I have several! It’s already been mentioned – but my all time favorite is The Vampire Diaries. Why? Do I really need to explain myself? =o) Chicago Fire, The Tudors, Reign & Bates Motel. I also like some of the TEDTalks and other misc. documentaries. Especially tornado documentaries. I live in Nebraska, so we’re no stranger to these bad boys! There’s just some odd fascination I have watching them. A couple of shows I’d like to see on Netflix: Sex and the City and Downton Abbey!

    • Reign was damn good. I wish it was on the list… my only problem was that the costumes were slightly off to the era and people of status. The dresses that Mary wore were more modern than classic French ones, and the men’s shirts weren’t as accurate, more like a middle-class French man’s shirt if a French man’s shirt really. To nice to be poor, to bad t be king/prince worthy.
      But other than that, I loved the series! DRAMA!!!!

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