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Happy Friday friends!  Today, as part of Polka Dot Week by R & R Workshop, I’m excited to share some design prints that I put together to frame for my front sitting room – a Gold Feather, Arrow and Polka Dot Print!  I am loving the look of mixing metals and also gray and gold/brown together right!  I already […]

Nathan has outgrown my Pre-K Chore Charts over the last year, so I decided to make him a new Summer Chore Chart to use this summer.  If this system works for him, then I’ll adapt it into a long term Chore System later in the summer that can be used all the time!  I also […]

A couple months ago I was at TaiPan here in Southern Utah and my friend, Jess (from Pretty Providence), eyed this adorable sign for only $19!  We both had some ideas of where it could go, but we weren’t 100% sure if it would work.  So, we decided to buy it and we knew one […]

I love kids books! I have a bit of an addiction to Scholastic book orders! I just cant not resist the free $5 coupons that come each time you order online. There are some great deals and the last time I ordered books I got 8 books for $11! I do like to mark our […]

About a year ago, Lisa shared this post on making your own Laundry Detergent.  Not long after that I started making the transition from store bought cleaners to Natural cleaners.  I shared a post about it HERE.  It is a big transition and I slowly have made the transition over the year. As I shared […]

My husband has been wanting to get a Family Goals Printable in our home for a while, so he decided to design one that would compliment our Weekly Schedule 12×36 Printable.  I’m really excited about it – cause it gives us something to constantly see and reflect on.  On a day that I have open […]

Pam shared our summer reading chart yesterday. When we made them I envisioned using them a little differently for our family. I have a plan this summer to make sure my boys are getting their jobs done before they are playing. I took a blank form and wrote their names on the top and then […]


  Summer is NEAR people!  Are you ready for it?  I’m not!  It is really officially my 1st “summer.” Nathan just completed his first year of preschool.  Spring Break was the longest week of my life… I swear.  So, I have been a bit worried about how summer is going to go.  Nathan is super […]

I love LISTS! hehe 🙂  So, being that I didn’t ever get around to creating a Spring To-Do List, I knew I wanted to jump on getting our Summer To-Do List up!  Nathan is not even quite 4 and when he saw me putting up the Summer To-Do List the other day, he got all […]

Growing up our house was always full of kids coming in and out. One day my Mom finally got fed up with the constant stream of kids knocking asking if we could play! We came home to sign on our front door that said, “Do not knock. Kids cant play. They will be out when they […]

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