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The Face Behind OTBM!

Pam 72dpi The Faces Behind OTBM!
Name:  Pam Dana
Age: 32
Family: Husband-  Scott / Children- Nathan (7), Jeffrey (5) and Dylan (a girl, 2). 
Location: Northern Utah
Childhood: I grew up being raised by my parents, along with my 3 older sisters and 1 younger brother.  I was a major tomboy and hated my “girly” name.  Hence the reason my only daughter has name that is more commonly known as a boy name.  I played all sports, but soccer was hands down my passion from the time I was 7 and I played through HS.  I am still very close to my family and love to head down to Southern Utah to visit them often.  
Love: Cooking, reading, TV, organizing, hanging with friends, being in nature making family memories (camping, rzr, dirt bikes), my beliefs, having a clean house, onions (yum), Mtn Dew and sleep!
Hate: Cleaning the kitchen after I cook, unloading the dishwasher, mean people, mushrooms, a messy house (I don’t function well in a mess), road trips with kids, gassing up car, stepping on legos in the middle of the night and pee covered toilets that my boys tend to leave me on a daily basis.
Funny Facts: I didn’t start wearing earrings until I chopped my hair off, I am pretty much tone deaf, I am really unflexible and can’t even touch my toes, and I love teeny bopper ABC Family TV shows.
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