Balsamic Dressing Bruschetta


Today I am sharing with you one of my families new favorite appetizers – Easy Balsamic Dressing Bruschetta!  It is seriously so quick to throw together and I love just being able to buy a simple dressing to top it off!  Plus, I just love how pretty bruschetta looks!  Almost too pretty to eat!!



1 baguette sliced to desired thickness
2-3 vine tomatoes (or whatever has the best flavor at the time)
Small Basil leaves (as many as you have slices of bread)
Fresh mozzarella (depending on your local store you’ll need 1-2 packages) 
Balsamic Dressing (I prefer Litehouse Balsamic for a twangy taste and Lucini Tuscan Balsamic & Extra Virgin Oil Dressing for a sweet taste)


At your local store have the bread department slice up a baguette.  At my local Harmons I have them slice it on an 8 setting I believe.  They do sell pre sliced baguettes that have been tossed in olive oil, parmesan cheese and seasoning, but in my opinion the bread is to crunchy.  I prefer having them slice a fresh loaf and having it sit for a day at home.  That way it is a little dry, but still soft.  However, my sister loves the bread super soft, fresh from the store.  So, choose what bread style you prefer most!

Prepare your tomatoes and basil leaves by washing them.  Slice the tomatoes into medium thick slices.  Take the middle slices and cut them in half.  Depending in the size of your basil leaves, cut them if necessary.  If you have fresh basil, then just pick the small leaves!  It’s my favorite when I can just pick small leaves!

Take your mozzarella cheese and slice it into medium thick slices.  Take the bigger slices and cut them in half, so they’ll fit on your baguette pieces well.

Get your dressing ready!  You can put it in a fancy oil bottle, but honestly, I’m generally too lazy to get it out!  If you are preparing these ahead of time, I suggest you save the dressing and drizzle it just prior to serving!

For a bit more tangy flavor (which I prefer) I love the Lighthouse Balsamic Dressing!


However, if you prefer a sweet taste, then I’d go with Lucini Tuscan Balsamic & Extra Virgin Dressing.  I really enjoy this flavor too, just not quite as much.


Now it’s time to layer your bruschetta!  From bottom to top:  Bread, mozzarella, tomato, dressing (if serving immediately) and last top with a small piece of basil!

Lastly, enjoy and share with your friends and loved ones!!





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