DIY Roasting Stick Holder

DIY Roasting Stick Holder - this is awesome and so easy!

Hey guys! Kari here from Life PreKARIous. I’m so excited to show you this awesome DIY roasting stick holder! Having a fire at the end of a hot summer day is one of my absolute favorite things…add some roasted marshmallows and I’m in heaven! 

This DIY roasting stick holder is the perfect way to store and carry your roasting sticks and it is SO easy to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-4″ diameter pvc pipe, about 18″ long
-4″ diameter pvc pipe end cap
-2 eye hooks
-painters tape
-spray paint in your color(s) of choice

DIY Roasting Stick Holder

First, I used the painters tape and taped off sections of the pvc pipe.

DIY Roasting Stick Holder

Next, I painted the pipe and end cap and attached it to the pipe. Mine fit really snug so I didn’t end up using any glue to attach it. 

Then, I drilled 2 holes on each end of the pipe and added the eye hooks. I painted those with spray paint, too, so they would match. 

DIY Roasting Stick Holder

DIY Roasting Stick Holder

Finally, I attached the chain and added the roasting sticks. 

DIY Roasting Stick Holder

I love that the chain makes it easy to hang for storage or carry on your shoulder when needed. 

DIY Roasting Stick Holder

Now, let’s have some s’mores!! Head over to Life PreKARIous to check out my DIY roasting sticks, too!



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