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DIY Storage and Seating Bench!


I love to bottle all the goodness from our garden each summer. Only one small problem, there is never enough room to store all of it. We needed more storage! I decided that we could use extra seating by our pool table too so it was the perfect place to add a bench that could also serve as storage.


 Look how much we can store inside!


Just to give you some perspective here are my kids inside the bench!



We had our good friend Sean design and build it. I should have taken better pictures a long the way but his wife and I were to busy chatting for those kind of distractions! Here are the bones of it though if you want to mimic his design.







We lined the front of the bench with vertical planks.



Before I painted I spent a lot of time filling the nail holes with wood filler, caulk, and then sanding it smooth. The top of the planks had a gap at the top. I added caulk along the top so when the the bench opened it still looked good.


Caulk every single seam for a flawless paint job.


I primed the entire thing using KILZ.


After it was primed I painted the bench white, matching the color of our baseboards in a high gloss. The front planks I panted Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore.


These are the hinges we bought. We bought them without the springs and it opens so smoothly and stays open when its open. We love the way it turned out.



Its become a favorite reading place for Caleb!


Bring on canning season!


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  • Britney @ Princess & Cowboys

    I love the bead board and this whole idea! I think it’s awesome to have a little special place to enjoy reading. And the fact that you can store stuff beneath…it’s amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Robin Phillips

    I love this!