Free 4th of July Fonts!

free freedom fonts

Seeing Stars – stars

Rock X Start

License Plate USA

Oh my stars

Star Studded font

Bandung Hardcore

American Patriot

Motion Picture

American Dream

The American Flag

Hand Shop Typography

Janda Sparkle and Shine

A star is born

JD Stars

Stars & Stripes

US Stars N Stripes

Look for America– Flags

The title is done in Blanch and Ribbon Happy

Just click on the link to go to the site for the free font. If you want to learn how to download free fonts, we have a tutorial here. Please be sure to check that post for ways to protect yourself from downloading a virus. Always use extreme caution when downloading anything onto your computer!

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    Janet Smith


    Awespme Thank You!!!


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    I love all of your font posts!!! I know they take a lot of work and I appreciate them! But you might want to check out your Pinterest links… When I try to pin from my “Pin It” button that I installed on my tool bar something on your site prevents me from doing so. When I use the “Pin it” button you provide at the bottom of your post it: #1 doesn’t preload any kind of description or acknowledgement of your blog and #2 throws me completely off the blog when it’s done pinning! Neither one of those things seem like they would be good ways to attract people to your blog…. just sayin’….


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      Thanks for the info! We’ll have to look into this. I just tried pinning both ways in my Safari Browser (Mac Browser) and didn’t have either of those problems. Do you mind me asking with browser you’re using? That way we can see if it is linked to a specific browser. Thanks again for the comment.



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    Thanks for sharing these! I didn’t have many 4th of July fonts.


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