Girls Camp Wrap Up!

On Friday I shared our Packing list for Girls Camp as well as a bunch of ideas for leaders! Today I wanted to share a couple more things that we did that I liked.

When each girl showed up to leave for camp we had a water bottle for them with their name in vinyl.  Attached to the water bottle was a camp schedule and a certification punch card on a lanyard. I made the necklaces using these cute certification punch cards.It was so nice to have each of them know what they had to do for certification and also have the schedule of what was coming up. I printed each year on a different color so it was easy to tell who our first, second, third, and fourth years were. The schedules fit the back so they were back to back.


Then I laminated them and punched a hole in it so they could wear them around their necks or hang them in their tent. I did the lighter lamination but next time would pay for the heavy duty kind because some ripped through.

We also gave them Skittle camp medicine. We bought the bottles from our local Stapley Pharmacy. The printable came from Burlap and Denim.


I just changed the date myself in Photoshop. On Friday we pulled the extra Skittles out and said the Dr had called in a refill and the girls brought us their bottles and we refilled them.

I made one big camp schedule and laminated it. I posted it in the middle of camp as reference for the leaders and girls and it was really helpful!

camp schedule

For tuck in treats at night we did goldfish and Oreo’s. I made tags to attach, that you can download for yourself.



Our YW Presidency did one night and they did knee-high funky socks which were really fun for the girls!

For crafts we did Journals on the first day. I bought Mead notebooks and then using quotes from Pinterest I made sheets full of quotes. Then I printed, copied, and cut the quotes apart.  LastlyI went through and pasted the quotes all through their books.


I also pasted the leaders testimonies in the backs and a cover sheet in the front. I bought cute paper and the girls were able to decorate and stamp them with their names or initials. They really enjoyed decorating them.


We also did stamped washer necklaces and friendship bracelet for our other crafts. Friendship bracelets were a huge hit! You can buy large amounts of Embroidery Floss for cheap so it was super cost effective! We provided safety pins so they could pin them to our drop cloth table cloth or even our pants and it worked out perfect!

All in all it was tons of work but so worth it! I am already brainstorming ideas for next year!


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    Nancy Morris


    I don’t suppose you still have the pill bottle PDF??? The burlap and denim website is unable to open. It must have been taken down, sadly. Our girls leave for camp in a week and I’d love to make these. I’ve got a few pill bottles I’ve been saving. TIA!


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      Pam Dana


      Sorry for the delayed response Nancy! I just checked and the file on Burlap and Denim is still there! So, you can download it directly off their site!


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