Make your Own Dinner Napkins for Cheap


I think family dinner is so important. I am trying (not always succeeding) to teach my boys table manners while we eat.  One of my favorite ways to do this is to use fabric napkins at the table. Plus it saves money. Yay! They are super easy to make out of fat quarters.



First iron your fat quarters flat.


Most of your fat quarters will not be cut perfectly so you need to line them up and cut them to the same size. I usually cut them 18×18. Something new I learned, you can cut 4 pieces of fabric together and it makes it so much faster.


Next iron just a little bit of the edge down.


Then take and iron down about half an inch.


I didn’t do this last time and this is what the edges looked like without two folds:


Here is what the edges looked like at the end this time:


To sew them start by lining one edge up with one of the guides and sew all the way along the edge.


When you get to the corner make sure the needle is still in the fabric, lift up the foot, and turn the napkin to the next side.


I did this two times, not only because I like the look but I think it makes them lay nicer.


Here is what your edges are going to look like after the second time.


You can find usually find good fabrics in the fat quarters but it can be hit and miss. Usually I walk through whenever I am at the fabric store and buy one or two at a time. Then when we need new napkins I already have a stash of cute fat quarters on hand.


I was surprised how good they wash up, I can only think of one stain that I have and we have been using this set for over a year. Plus my kids really enjoy using them each night.


Now, if only these napkins could help them not to potty talk at the dinner table!


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    Your napkins are very cute. You could do this with remnants from Jo Ann too. I love those remnants because there are so many things you can do with them.


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    Very cute. I can add one idea for the construction. Use a double needle and sew the hem down with two rows at the same time. Not only saves time, but the stitches are perfectly even with each other and so it looks uber professional.


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      I didn’t even know that was possible 🙂 Sewing newbie here!


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