Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe

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Summer is here and I am ready to restock my freezer of strawberry freezer jam. Here is my favorite recipe not only because its delicious but its so easy and fast!

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Here is what is needed:

Strawberries (or other fruit)


Ball No Cook Freezer Jam with Pectin

Clean and sterile freezer containers

A food processor makes this much easier

Mix pectin with sugar in a bowl, follow the instructions on the box.

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Wash strawberry’s and pat dry.

freezer jam2

Slice the tops off and quarter strawberries.

freezer jam3

Place in food processor.

freezer jam5

Pulse a few times and then push down from the sides.

freezer jam8

Pulse until it reaches the consistency you want it,

freezer jam6

Add to a larger mixing bowl, continue until you have enough fruit needed for your pectin and sugar mix.

freezer jam9

Add the sugar and pectin and mix.

freezer jam10

freezer jam11

Stir until all combined.

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Fill jars to the bottom line. Make sure you leave a little room at the top because when things freeze they expand.

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Happy  Jamming!


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    Mmm! Love this time of year and the jam making canning craze that begins! Thanks for sharing!


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