The Thimble Game!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Hope you are all feeling the love today! I’m going to share with you today a game that my family LOVES!


This game was a staple in my house growing up! As kids we loved it! The best part is its so easy and it never seems to get old for kids! All you need is a glass of water, a thimble, a pad of paper, and a pen.


The person that starts chooses a category. For example months, fruits, colors, people in the room, a number 1-10, holidays, sports…whatever they want to choose. Then they write down their choice. For example if they chose Months and pick August, they would write August on the paper. Then they fill the thimble with water and go over to where everyone is sitting. Each person then has to guess a month.



The person who guesses the month they wrote down gets the water thrown at them.



Its not enough water to drench anyone but enough to make it fun. The person who gets the water thrown at them then gets a turn to be the one who picks and throws the water. Our kids beg to play this all the time and seriously cant get enough. It’s a  great go-to game for Family Home Evening when you don’t have a lot of time to play or plan.

As a mom its fun to go try to translate the paper when the game is over and see how they spelled their words!


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    LOL! What a fun game. I love the picture of your son getting water thrown at him. Thanks for sharing at The Gunny Sack!


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    Chris & Rachel Harwood


    haha… so simple, yet so fun. I could see the kids loving this. And a great and simple way for a family to connect. I am featuring this at this week’s For the Kids Friday party over at Sun Scholars! Thanks so much for always sharing your fabulous ideas with us!!


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    Sugar Aunts


    How fun! My kids would love this!!

    I would love to invite you to link up at our Share It Saturday linky party. We have lots of creative ideas submitted each week and you would fit right in!

    We also are inviting all contributors to join us on our Share It Saturday Group Pinterest page as a collaborator. It is a great way to have your posts seen by new viewers! The link for the Pinterest page is on our post. Hope to see you there!

    Colleen at Sugar Aunts


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    This sounds like a game my family must try. Thanks for the wonderful idea!


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