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Turn Free Printables into Ornaments + a Round up of Free Chalkboard Printables!

I am loving all of the chalkboard printables out there! For the PTA board this year we wanted to give them something for Christmas as a Thank you and I decided to make them ornaments using the chalkboard printables.


I downloaded them, shrunk them, and then consolidated them onto 1 page. Then I printed them, cut them out, and inked the edges.


I found cute paper that was double sided so there would be a cute design on the back of the ornament  too. Then I used scrapbook stickies to adhere the chalkboard printables to the cute paper.


I cut them out leaving an even border around them.


Then I re-inked the edges again.  I also printed out little PTA 2012-2013 tags, cut, and inked them too.


This is what the back looked like after I put the PTA tag on the back.


Next I used my eyelet kit to punch a hole in the top.


I was super excited at this point – they were turning out so cute!


To finish them off I used raffia to make a bow and a loop to hang them with. I cut a piece about a foot and half long.


Then I folded it over and pushed both ends though the back towards the front.


Then I tied it into a bow!DSC_0769

This is what the front and the back both look like:




Here are where I found all of the free awesome Chalkboard printables:

5 Free Chalkboard Prints from Nest of Posies

Chalkboard Printables from Love, Pomegranate House

Cup of Cheer

Oh Holy Night

Tis the Season to be Jolly

Oh Come let us Adore Him

Santa Clause is Coming to town

All Families Need a Stable Foundation

You could use these for so many things! As tags on gifts, to decorate your own tree, or as gifts for a super cheap price. I only spent $6 on this whole project and it made almost 30 ornaments!

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  • Kerri

    Thanks, Lisa! Just what I needed to round off a few teachers gifts for school and Sunday School

  • nest of posies

    thanks for the shout out for my printables! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your ornament idea! I pinned!

    Merry Christmas!

  • I’m not a “seasoned” crafter…what does it mean to have “inked” the edges? Also, what type of paper did you originally print them onto? Thanks much!!

    • Lisa

      Sorry for being so vague! I printed them onto white cardstock. To ink the edges means to take an ink pad and run the edges of the paper over the inkpad to give it a more distressed look. If you look at the PTA paper above you can see how it has back around the edges. I did that with my ink pad. It helps finish it off. With the chalkboard prints too, it covered the white edges so it looked more real. Hope that helps!

  • emily

    What size did you recreate the chalkboard art at? I would love to make these and tie them on with the bows when I wrap presents.

    • Lisa

      I’m not exactly sure. I pulled them into photoshop elements and put 9 of them on a sheet. They were not exactly the same size but the printables were all different too. There were 3 across and 3 down and I just dragged them to fit right. I would say on average they are about 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

  • Oh my gosh, I am SO excited to see what you did with these! They are AWESOME. And thank you so much for sharing my print.

  • Catherine

    This is a fabulous project…. how clever of you! I just love this! I plan on doing this for neighbors and friends next year.

  • Shellie

    These are so cute and I Love them. I have a question… Did you count in all the black ink used to make these when you figured out how much each one cost to make?

  • Amber

    Very nice! I’m making these for myself right now. Thanks for sharing.

  • Selina

    I just made these and they turned out so nice, thanks so much!

  • Heather

    Just wanted to let you know that your link to the first set of chalkboard printables doesn’t work. I happened to find the correct link


    Thank you so much for this great idea!! Can’t wait to make a ton of these!

    • Laura

      how do you do this I am not really familiar how does it print white ? Can you help thanks for your time.

  • Laura

    So this may be a silly question , do I buy the black paper and print to my regular printer I am a wood worker not real savvy on paper crafts but would like to try this. can someone walk me through this . thanks : )

  • Laurel Stephens

    Thanks so much for your great tutorial and links. I made some ornaments and they turned out great! I also shared them on my blog with a link back to you (The North End Loft.)

  • Liz

    Hi, so cute! I’m confused about the printing too. You said you printed them on white paper? Did it use a ton of black ink then? Or is it printed on black paper? (Although I’m not sure if there is even such a thing as wore ink for the printer) anyway, they’re adorable! I look forward to hearing the how to, because I’d love to make these. Liz from HomeToCottge.com

    • Lisa

      Yes, I printed them on white paper. It does take some ink but if you are worried about using that much ink you can always have them printed at a copy place.

  • Liz

    Shoot, i just typo-ed my website on my last comment. It’s supposed to say Liz from HomeToCottage.com

  • Becki

    Love, love, love these!!!
    Would like to know if I could make them to sell at a craft fair?