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Baby and Toddler Printable Learning Cards

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This post brought to you by Fisher-Price. All opinions are 100% mine.

Baby and Toddler Learning Flash Cards - Body Parts, Colors/Shapes and Animal Sounds

Dylan girl is at such a fun stage right now!  She is 16 months old and growing up and learning so much!   She now loves to play with her toys and is like a sponge absorbing all this new information she is constantly learning!  It’s crazy how much they learn and grow during the first couple years of their life!  She’s my 3rd child and it still blows me away how quickly she can change!  While brothers are at school during the day, we always take some time to sit down and play!  Her most recent favorite toy is her new Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair, along with the Learning Cards I designed!

Baby and Toddler Learning Cards

I have always been a fan of Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn toys, but their new Smart Stages toys are so genius!  It’s the first line of toys that evolves with age-appropriate learning content as your baby grows.  The technology in the Fisher-Price Smart Stages Chair enables you to easily in-put your child’s age for automatic content updates or you can manually change the learning stage with a switch.  Smart Stages keeps your baby engaged as they develop, and offers longevity of play value!  

 photo fc50d4f0-0527-4c8f-9730-4957d9096ea0_zps86272070.png

Baby and Toddler Learning Cards

Dylan is currently in their Level 1 – Explore stage!  She loves pressing the same buttons over and over and doesn’t get sick of the repetition!  I love how the Smart Stages technology is going to allow the toy to grow with her, which gives it a long life in the Dana home and she won’t outgrow it!

Baby and Toddler Learning Cards

The seat of the chair lifts up and there is a small storage space that she is obsessed with!  It’s not a huge area though, so I decided I would make some fun Learning Cards that could go in there!  

I designed 3 sets:

Body Parts:  Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Belly Button, Toes, Fingers

Colors/Shapes: Green/Circle, Black/Square, Orange/Rectangle, Pink/Triangle, Yellow/Star, Blue/Oval, Purple/Octagon, Red/Heart, Grey/Diamond, Brown/Trapezoid

Animal Sounds:  Dog, Cat, Cow, Horse, Pig, Monkey, Frog, Chicken, Sheep, Lion Elephant

I loved the idea of the flash cards, because it’s something she can flip through and look at all on her own or we can ask her questions with them and make them interactive! 

You can download the sets below:

Toddler Flash Cards - Body Parts, Colors/Shapes and Animal Sounds


Toddler Flash Cards - Body Parts, Colors/Shapes and Animal Sounds


Toddler Flash Cards - Body Parts, Colors/Shapes and Animal Sounds


Baby and Toddler Learning Cards

 photo 1a2e7aa8-ef05-46fb-8003-135f66853e79_zpsc3fcd251.jpg

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