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Blue and Gold Log Cabin Cake

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Caleb had his Blue & Gold scout banquet last week and he wanted a log cabin cake. So we got to work with a cake mix, a tub of chocolate frosting, and 2 tubes of Pirouette Rolled Wafers . It cost us about $15 total to make.

log cabin cake

We baked our cake mix with the directions from Three Cooking Sisters. You add an extra egg, replace the oil with butter instead, and use milk instead of water. It was yummy! I will always make my box cakes like this from now on! Instead of baking it in cake pans we baked it in 2 bread pans and let them cool for quite a while.

We made a cake platform to the take the cake on by using a piece of a cardboard box, covering it with foil, and taping the foil on the bottom down.


Next we flipped one cake onto the pan and then placed the second cake on the top. We used a knife to cut the top one at an angle so that it was the shape of the roof.


Then we did a crumb coat icing. Basically that is a layer of icing to cover all the cake but you can let the crumbs get into it.


We also added a chimney at this point by cutting one of the triangle sections and putting it on the roof.


Then I froze the cake so the icing would get hard so when we put the next layer of icing on the crumbs would not get into the final layer. We frosted the final layer and then I took a wet paper towel to wipe around the edges so that it looked nice and neat.


Then started the fun part. We cut Pirouette’s to make the logs. We started on the edges and filled in from there.We used pretzels to make the doorframe and had enough to cover the roof. We went through about 1.5 cans of the Pirouette’s. We decided to make a little fire since it seemed a little plain. We used pretzels to make the logs and candy to make the flames. We used a couple of butterscotch candies and also a root beer barrel to get a good flame color. I put the candy’s in a bag and smashed them until they were somewhat small.


Then I mixed the candy together and dumped them onto a foiled cookie sheet and baked it at 350 for about 5-10 minutes. It comes out bubbly but if you give it a few minutes the bubbles will all disappear. Let it cool and it will end up clear like glass.


I broke it into pieces and then arranged it like flames in the pretzels. I ended up crushing another root beer barrel and stick the reddish pieces in the bottom of the fire to look like coals.


It turned out so fun and Caleb was really proud of it!




Here are some of the other really fun cakes from our Blue and Gold dinner.





We have some seriously creative Moms in our scout troop!

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  • Love the log cabin cake Lisa!!!! My son is out of cub scouts but this is a great idea!!! Love your fire made out of the melted candies! Awesome!! I am sure Caleb was thrilled!!

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