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Candy Garland Tutorial

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Did you guys see our Guest Post on The Letter 4 over the weekend?  If not, here it is!  Lisa showed how to make this easy and fun lighted candy garland.

Lisa here! I remember my Mom coming home about 15 years ago so excited with this idea. We spent hours listening to Christmas music and putting together enough candy garland to border their whole yard! It’s such a fun memory and I wanted to create one for our big Christmas party this weekend. All you need is cellophane, a white strand of Christmas lights, ribbon, and square plastic clam shell containers.

We were able to get the 6 inch clam shell containers from one of our local gas stations for 15 cents a piece.
The first step is to stuff your clam shell containers with the lights. Icicle lights are great for this because you can get multiple lights in the containers and still be able to make a really long garland. I didn’t want a very long garland and so I put 3 strands into each clam shell.

Make sure the wires are coming out of the middle of both sides.

Add a piece of tape to seal to keep it closed as a precaution.


Keep stuffing until all of the lights are inside.

Next you need to cut your cellophane. For a 6 inch clam shell I cut them 18 inches by 16 inches. At first I was cutting the cellophane with scissors and it wasn’t very neat. It was then I noticed the perfect straight edges in my table from our leaf and it hit me to use that as a way to cut my cellophane with a razor blade!


It worked SO great!  I was wanting to do a white and red garland, so I used white tissue paper under the clear cellophane. I cut it the same way and again I got perfect straight cute.

Now it’s time to assemble! Place your garland on the ground in a line. Start by taking your first color and placing it under the clam shell with the clam shell in the middle.

I wanted my red to be really vibrant so I doubled the red up. Take one side and fold it over and tape it to the plastic.

It’s important to do this, so when you are tying the ends, the clamshell won’t move.  Then, fold the other side over, pull it tight, and tape into place.


I thought it might be easier to wire the ends before I tied it with ribbon, but the ribbon was much more effective. Cut the ribbon pieces about 7 inches long. Slide the ribbon under the cellophane and then carefully tie it loose, to make sure you have it right in the middle.  When you are sure it is in the right spot, then finish it by tying a knot really tight and double knot.

Do this to both sides and you have yourself a candy!! Go down the full length of the garland until all of the clam shells are covered. I trimmed my ribbons down and then fluffed the ends of the candies up.

Then its time to hang it up and add a few bows!

I used mine inside, but my parents hang theirs outside in their yard held up by Candy canes!


It’s so pretty at night and makes a big bang for a very little buck!
Now go and create your own Candy land!
Merry Christmas!

Pam Dana

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