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Cars Themed Reward Chart - this is a great way to motivate your littles! Plus, some fun ideas for rewards! From www.overthebigmoon.com!

Cars Themed Reward Chart

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kids II. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cars Themed Reward Chart - this is a great way to motivate your littles! Plus, some fun ideas for rewards! From www.overthebigmoon.com!

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing a car themed reward chart that I originally designed for a friend and then I used it with my middle child (who is now 6) as well! I decided to print a new copy a few weeks ago, because I needed to help my daughter find a little motivation and I thought this would do the trick!

During the week it’s just me and Dylan at home and for the most part she’s an angel (read: no brothers are home to fight with). The only problem is she thinks she and I need to do EVERYTHING together! Including picking up after her, going potty, etc. I really needed her to start finding some motivation to do some things on her own. 

I’ll eventually design a more girl themed printable, but she loves cars and Go Grippers, so I figured this works for now. And I’ve never shared it here on OTBM! You’ll find the download link at the bottom of the post! Here’s how I utilize the reward chart:

Establish rules.

One thing you will want to make sure you preface to your kids is that you decide when the reward is earned/given. They are not allowed to mark the chart or add a sticker without you saying that it’s okay.  In the beginning, as they are getting used to the system, I may allow them to complete it a little faster. Especially the very first time. This way they learn the whole reward chart concept. But, now that I’m a few weeks in I’d say that Dylan will take about 2 weeks to complete her chart each time. 

Also, sometimes they will ask if they mark their reward chart for something they’ve done. Sometimes I will say yes, but not if they’re asking too often. I will just remind them that I get to choose when a behavior earns a mark.

Together choose the end reward.

This could be a dollar amount, a prize or reward. Because of Dylan’s age (3), she chooses between a prize or reward. But, with my son we eventually transitioned to prizes or dollar amounts, so he could save up for something that cost a little more.


My friend recently allowed her son to earn the Oball Go Grippers™ Bounce ‘N Zoom Speedway™ by completing two charts! To make this work, instead of having 1 chart hanging up, she taped two next to each other! It worked great! 

This toy is so fun! I wish it was around when my kids were little! To be honest, when my kids are over at his house they have no problem playing with it! 

His favorite feature is the claw that will reach down, grab the toy and then drop it on the bounce pad! Plus, the speedway has two ramps and multiple paths, so the kids love just having cars zoom down the raceway!


The entire collection is genius if you ask me!  You know those balls that have the holes in them, so that babies and toddlers can grab them easily? Well, they designed this entire toy line after them! You really can’t find anything like it out there!

It helps those little developing minds using their imagination and play for hours!


You can buy the entire collection at Toys R Us. They have lots of different options: Oball Go Grippers™ Bounce ‘N Zoom Speedway™, Oball Go Grippers™ Vehicle Assortment, Oball Go Grippers loader ™, Oball Go Grippers dump truck™, Oball Go Grippers car carrier ™, Oball Go Grippers Race Cars™. You can shop this collection easily on Kids II too! 


Reward behavior or actions that are above expected behavior.

My kids don’t get a sticker for doing things that I expect or their regular chores! Obviously, this is different for each of my kids, depending on their age. 

For my daughter, cleaning her room up when asked would be a great accomplishment. Before using the chart, she would whine some and then come and beg me to help her. So, if I ask her and she does it without complaining and on her own, then I’m super stoked and I would allow her to mark a spot on her reward chart!

However, for my older son, that wouldn’t be the case. He would get rewarded for picking up his room without being asked. But, not if I have to ask him to do it.

Praise their good behaviors and accomplishments.

Kids love and NEED to hear acknowledgement of their good choices! So make sure to praise when they do good!

Also, make sure when they complete their first reward chart that you explain to them that that their reward is because of all their good choices and behavior! 

“We get to have a fun date night, because of all the good choices you made to fill up your reward chart!”

Also, I never take away a mark or sticker for a bad behavior! I want to keep the chart a POSITIVE thing and if they are always feeling threatened that they could lose a mark, then they may lose the motivation to keep trying for them. Plus, they earned that mark. It’s theirs to keep!

And lastly,

Be Consistent!

This needs to be something that your kids can expect and rely upon you to remember! Otherwise, they won’t stay motivated!! 

Now for the download!

Cars Themed Reward Chart - this is a great way to motivate your littles! Plus, some fun ideas for rewards! From www.overthebigmoon.com!

Don’t forget to check out the Oball Go Grippers Toy Collection! Every home with little kids needs it! There isn’t another toy line out there and your kids will love this for a long time!

Cars Themed Reward Chart - this is a great way to motivate your littles! Plus, some fun ideas for rewards! From www.overthebigmoon.com!

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