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Salt Painting - such a fun activity that kids love!! From!

Salt Painting

Summer is starting to drag a little here and we needed something to kick our boredom this last weekend so we tried salt painting. It is a little messy but with a little freezer paper down it helps contain the mess. All you need is watercolors, Elmers glue, and lots of salt. First paint your […]

Dessert Sushi

This is such a fun easy dessert for kids that they will love! These literally are SO easy to make and they look awesome! Trust me anyone can make them! You need: Fruit roll ups Mini Donuts Swedish fish Twinkies Fruit Snacks  For these you just cut a donut in half, add a Swedish fish […]

Here is a quick easy snack that is sure to make you look like a Mom rock-star this summer! These are super easy to make and pretty healthy! I made Jell-O Jigglers to use as the ocean and followed the recipe on the box. Once they were ready I set the pan in hot water […]

Summer Movies on Netflix | Over the Big Moon

Almost every Friday night we do Popcorn Movie Nights in our home!  My boys are getting older and it has opened up a whole new list of movies to watch for our family!  Earlier this summer my husband and I sat down and put tother a fun list of movies that are on Netflix and […]


Summer has us busy with lots of fun activities!  But, we still have to have home days a couple days a week.  You know… so mom can do the laundry and clean the house!  Even though my boys are 5 and (almost) 7, they are still always happy to play with playdough several times a week! […]


My kids love painting!  It is by far their favorite art activity that we do!  So, this summer I’ve planned LOTS of fun painting activities and today I am going to share the project we did last week – Squirt Bottle Kids Painting! Items Needed: Clear Squirt Bottles Tempura Paint Canvas of some sort: Piece […]


We have passes to our local Zoo and my kids LOVE to go often! Especially in the summers! In the summers we like to get up early and go in the mornings, while it’s still cool and we can get home in time to just eat lunch at home! But, of course, the kids want […]

Here at Over the Big Moon, we are big advocates of creating traditions as a family! At the Dana House we have made Friday night Movie and Pizza a pretty regular tradition! Even to the point that we have a few neighbor kids that are disappointed if it doesn’t happen! I learned very quickly in […]


Please tell me I’m not the only mom with some major Spring Fever going on!!  Friends… I am seriously struggling right now!  I can’t believe I’m about to say this…. because I generally love structure.  But, I’m so over spelling words, math worksheets and rushing out the door to school in the morning!  I’m ready […]

Major nerd alert here 🙂 We love the Science Fair! It is one of our favorite things during the school year. We also have had a lot of success with it too, both at the school level and also at the district level. Here are some of the tips we have learned along the way […]

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