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Today I am sharing a fun printable set that a little neighbor boy is into right now!  These are such a fun and easy counting activity to do with your little ones – St. Patrick’s Day Counting Puzzles!  One of my good friends little 3 year old is obsessed with counting and so I made […]

This post brought to you by Fisher-Price. All opinions are 100% mine. Dylan girl is at such a fun stage right now!  She is 16 months old and growing up and learning so much!   She now loves to play with her toys and is like a sponge absorbing all this new information she is […]


Summer is drawing to an end… and honestly I am so excited to get back to a routine!  We’ve had an extra long summer due to our move and my kids are getting bored!   As some of you know, we moved 4 hours North into a new area.  Our subdivision is all new construction […]


After I released our Frozen Pre-K Pack last month, the flood of requests for a Tangled Pre-K Pack came in! So, due to popular demand, I jumped ahead on my Pre-K Pack list and put together this Tangled Pre-K Pack!   As usual – please email me ( with any corrections you find!  I am human […]


I had some requests for the Frozen Expansion Pack – so I busted it out last week!!  This is the Expansion Pack to our  Frozen Pre-K Pack!  These learning activities are more challenging than those that are in our basic Pre-K Packs!  I create the Expansion Packs for 4 and 5 year olds.  They are […]


Hey everyone – today because of many requests, I’m sharing some FREE Frozen Coloring pages!  The Lego Coloring pages were enjoyed, so I figured I’d throw together some Frozen ones together too!  We are so happy that so many of you enjoyed our Frozen Pre-K Pack!  We had several requests for more Frozen kids activity […]

Frozen Pre-K Pack - 30 pages of Frozen learning and fun for Pre-K aged kids! They'll love this!

FINALLY – a FROZEN Pre-K Pack!  Really, I feel like I should have had this out MONTHS ago!  Like the rest of the world – our family is in love the the movie Frozen!  It for sure is one of the best movies out this year (at least in my opinion)!  I hope your littles […]


Today I’m excited to share with you some fun coloring pages for all those little Lego Movie lovers out there!  I took the clipart that I purchased for our Lego Movie Pre-K Pack and basically made them into coloring pages!  My boys have been in coloring heaven! These will come in so handy this summer […]


I am seriously so excited about this Pre-K Pack!  My boys, like most boys, are obsessed with Legos!  So, when the Lego Movie came out it was a big deal for the Dana family!  I was beyond stoked when I came across this awesome clipart!  I just knew that I had to put together a […]

 My boys have re-discovered our Stamp Sets!  I shared a basic, everyday set of Alphabet Stamping Sheets a while back.  But, where it is the Holiday season, I decided to make my boys a Christmas Stamping Sheet Set.   They have been loving the stamps all over again!  It’s been fun, because Nathan is all over […]

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