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My Nathan boy has been really working on counting lately.  He picked up on numbers and number order super easy.  But, when it came to actually slowing down to count items, he just lacked patience.  Say there was 5 apples in front of him, he would would start counting 1 apple, 2 apple and then say 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 all in one breath.  He just doesn’t slow down long enough to actually count them one at a time, all the way through the items.

We have really had a lot of fun practicing using our Lauri Numbers.  They are basically foam counting puzzles.  We separate the pieces and set the numbers out.  Then Nathan puts the pieces back and takes a hammer toy (from another one of our toys) and hammers them back in counting them as we go.

Then I have Nathan go count the pieces again and then ask him what number we need to find.  Then I point out the number on the Lauri Number Puzzle and then we go over and find the number piece and put the piece back in.  This way Nathan is working on visually recognizing the numbers as well.

I wanted Nathan to have another option to practice counting I decided to make some cute little counting cards.  I made two different sizes.  The larger ones I just printed and laminated.  The smaller ones I did the same, but put them on a ring.  That way they can easily be put in our car bag without getting all smashed, etc.
We’ve had a lot of fun with them.  I have actually been surprised with how many times Nathan has actually asked to play with them.
Generally, when we play with them he just uses his finger to point to each Monster and counts them out loud.  If he gets the number wrong, I just ask him to start over.  I also teach him to start in the top left corner and count left to right.  When he finishes counting the Monsters and he identifies how many Monsters there are I ask him to point to the number.  For example, “Good job, Nathan!  There ARE seven monsters.  Can you point to the number seven?”  I also have him trace the number with his finger.  I’ll take his hand and help him, if he doesn’t know how to trace is properly. He sometimes doesn’t like doing this, so if he doesn’t want to, then we just move on to the next card.

Because, this day we had both the Lauri Numbers and Monster Counting Cards I then asked him to find the matching numbers.

These are for personal use in your home or classroom.

Thanks to Goodness & Fun for the fun Silly Monster Artwork that I used on the Monster Counting cards!

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