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These Chalkboard & Copper Seasoning Jars are such a fun makeover that helps make them not so much of an eyesore! Check out the tutorial on www.overthebigmoon.com!

Chalkboard and Copper Seasoning Jars

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Hello Over the Big Moon readers!! I’m so excited to be sharing a DIY with you today.  Recently, I updated glass canisters from Ikea with chalkboard and copper paint and knew I wanted to head in the same direction with my seasoning rack and jars.

I love displaying/storing them in an old coca-cola crate that my mom gave me.  Now they have a cohesive-upscale look and I can change the names on the labels as needed.

Here’s the before:


It definitely needed a little love.  Okay, let’s do this simple DIY!




Glass seasoning jars (hobby stores or Amazon)

Round stickers (my jars came with label decals)

Chalkboard paint and brush

Copper Spray Paint

Polyurethane or other clear coat for sealing





We are going to do things a little backwards.

Start with the chalk paint and cover the top of your jar lids.  No need to worry about clean lines because we are only “saving” a circle of chalk paint.   They will probably need two coats.

Let the paint dry overnight.


Place the round stickers on top of the lids.  Spray paint 2-3 light coats of copper spray paint allowing 30 minutes of drying time in between.  Seal with a coat of clear paint. Let dry for a hour.



Carefully remove the round stickers.


Use a small brush for any touchups.   (Just dab on a little paint.) 


Write the seasoning names with a chalk marker.   (You can also season the chalkboard paint by rubbing on and whipping off regular chalk.) 


I’m really happy with the way they turned out!!   They also cover an outlet with a HUGE plug. 


I placed the circle stickers (decals) back on the sheets to use at a later time.  I’m pretty happy about that little surprise!

Who can say no to copper polka dots, right?   Where would you use them?


The warm copper looks so great with the wood crate.  I’m really enjoying the copper accents in our rental kitchen makeover.

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Kathy | Up To Date Interiors

Hello from the coast of Okinawa! I’m Kathy and I blog at http://www.uptodateinteriors.com! I love sharing rental decorating tips, DIY projects, and handmade decor ideas. When I am not blogging, you can find me spray painting, styling a room for theumpteenth time, hunting for a bargain, or exploring the island with my family.

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  • Hi,

    I used chalkboard spray paint instead, it was very fast and extremely uniform. We experimented with double sided tape (couldn’t find stickers in the right size), don’t use it! The tape peels off the chalkboard.

    Instead of using stickers I went with heavy construction paper and held it down with a large metal socket (from socket wrench set) that was about the size of the paper.

    Thanks for the DIY!

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