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A breakdown and review of the Cricut Maker | www.overthebigmoon.com

Cricut Maker Materials Testing

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Hey friends! A few weeks ago I shared a video in my Cricut Maker Review post of me testing out a bunch of different fabrics and materials and the Cricut “makers” out there were loving it! But, they had a lot more questions about OTHER fabrics and materials, as well as they were wanting more details about the cuts! The Cricut Maker is Cricut’s new machine that has SO many new features and capabilities, but the new rotary blade is what is really being talked about. Head over to my review to learn more details about the machine and to see the first video!

So, being that all the Cricut lovers were wanting more, I thought I’d make another video! I also am sharing more information about the cuts that I feel needed a little note!

The Cricut Maker in action - test cutting tons of materials! From www.overthebigmoon.com

Before I get into that, it’s time to check out the video:

If you’re fabric with Cricut machines, you probably know that they have a LightGrip, StandardGrip and StrongGrip mats. But, they now also offer a FabricGrip Mat.  The FabricGrip Mat is what you’ll use with the rotary blade. 

So, let’s go over that list again:

WOOL BLEND FELT  |  Felt Setting  | Fabric Mat

RECYCLED FELT  | Felt Setting  |  Fabric Mat

GLITTER FELT  | Glitter Felt Setting  |  Fabric Mat

PLUSH FELT  | Medium Fabric Setting  |  Fabric Mat

In a lot of the Cricut FB Groups I’m in I’ve noticed a lot of people having trouble with Felt. I haven’t had any problem cutting felt. Then I realized that most of the issues people were having, were because they were trying to cut too small of a design. The key is to not have too share of a curve with the rotary blade. Cricut’s recommendation is no curves less that 3/4 of an inch with the rotary blade! Hope that helps!

CANVAS  | Canvas Setting  | Fabric Mat

CHENILLE  |  Heavy Fabric (like denim) Setting  |  Fabric Mat

So, there isn’t a setting for Chenille in Design Space yet. So, I initially tried Medium Fabric setting and it cut through, but there was still a few strings attached. So, I recut it at the Heavy Fabric (like denim) setting and it didn’t much better. It did still have one piece barely attached and I used my scissors to snip the thread. If I would have had more fabric sample I would have tested a few other settings. There is an Extra Heavy Fabric setting that I would like to try. 

WOOL  |  Melton Wool Setting  |  Fabric Mat

QUILTED LAYERED FABRIC  |  Heavy Fabric (like denim) Setting  |  Fabric Mat

I got this to test, strictly because it’s 3 layers! I really wanted to put the Cricut Maker to the test! It’s two layers of cotton fabric, with a batting in between. Then to top it off, it’s all quilted together!

QUILTED DOUBLE KNIT  |  Heavy Fabric (like denim) Setting  |  Fabric Mat

So, I had to cut this fabric twice. The first time I cut it on the Double Knit setting and there were a few strings that were still attached. I think the problem is that I bought a QUILTED Double Knit. If you had a regular Double Knit, I’m sure it would work on the Double Knit setting. And this Quilted Double Knit cut perfectly on the Heavy Fabric setting!

BURLAP  |  Burlap Setting  |  Fabric Mat

THICK FLEECE  |  Heavy Fabric (like denim) Setting  |  Fabric Mat

IRON BOARD COVER  |  Heavy Fabric (like denim) Setting  |  Fabric Mat

CROSS STICH FABRIC  |  Medium Fabric Setting  | Fabric Mat

EXTRA FINE CREPE PAPER  |  Medium Fabric Setting  |  Fabric Mat

DOUBLE SIDED CREPE PAPER  |  Heavy Fabric (like denim) Setting  |  Fabric Mat

DUCT TAPE SHEET  |  Duct Tape Sheet Setting  | Regular Mat

WINDO CLING  |  Window Cling Setting  | Regular Mat

CONSTRUCTION PAPER  |  Medium Fabric Setting  |  Fabric Mat

I tried cutting the construction paper on two settings prior to getting it to cut perfect. The first time I cut it on the Construction Paper setting on a regular mat. It ripped off the tips of two of the star points. Then I tried it on the regular paper setting and it was even worse. So, being that I had such success with the Crepe Paper on the fabric mat and rotary blade, I decided to try it. And it worked perfectly!!

WASHI SHEET  |  Washi Sheets Setting  |  Regular Mat

POSTER BOARD  |  Metallic Poster Board Setting  |  Heavy Duty Mat

Pretty amazing, right?

A breakdown and review of the Cricut Maker | www.overthebigmoon.com


If you haven’t seen the first video testing out more materials then out over HERE and check it out!

It’s a good one!


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