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DIY Easiest Headboard

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easiest headboard

A while ago I decided it was time John and I took our bedroom out of the college age and into the real adult world. Why do Master bedrooms become the dumping ground for everything in the house that doesn’t have a place!!! The first part of our bedroom makeover was to dejunk! Once we had the extra stuff cleared out here is what our room looked like.



I didn’t want something that took up a lot of space so I decided to build my headboard right onto the wall. The first step was to find fabric I liked. I looked in the upholstery section at Joanne’s because I needed the fabric to be large. It was on sale and since I needed about 2 yards the total was under $20. Next I came home and measured off the space I wanted my headboard. I used our level to pencil the area off. Next I hung my fabric up where I wanted it.

diy headboard2

I started to try the starch trick to adhere the fabric to the wall, but it was getting messy and it wasn’t working very well.  So I gave up and smoothed the fabric out from the middle,pulled it tight, and put a tiny nails into the fabric to hold it into place.

diy headboard4

I did that until it was all smooth.

diy headboard3

My fabric was not long enough to go to the floor just to about halfway down the back of the bed. I also had to pull it a little extra to get it perfectly smooth.

diy headboard19

Since the mattress was going to hide it, I wasn’t too afraid of the little bumps or that it didn’t go to the floor.

Next we bought three pieces of trim and two corner squares from the Home depot. It cost us just under $50. I had paint that I had been using to paint our dresser and nightstand. I used Behr Creamy White in a satin finish. I painted the trim and allowed it to dry.

diy headboard6

Once it was painted it took me and the hubs about 15 minutes to put it up and finish. First we leveled the top one and put two finish nails on each end. We put the boards right over the little nails that were holding the fabric up.

diy headboard10

diy headboard12

Then we matched our corners up and put a nail in each of those. We lined the downward pieces up with our level and tacked them in.

diy headboard17

And it was up! All that was left to do was caulk the holes and touch up the paint after the caulk dried.

diy headboard20

I’m so happy with how it turned out!

diy headboard30

Best part is that if I decide I don’t like it after some time I can just switch out the fabric!

headboard before and after

I sewed a few pillow covers to tie it all together.

diy headboard31

So no excuses if you don’t have a headboard. Even if you had to buy the paint this project costs less than $100 and makes a huge impact on the room!

diy headboard23

Stay tuned for the rest of our master bedroom room makeover!

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