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Easy DIY Garden Markers

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Hey there, its Sara from Twelve On Main.  I am excited to be here today to show you a really fun and simple project.  These easy DIY garden markers are such a fun way to accessorize your gardens while being functional at the same time.

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

Maybe some of you that grow a garden have already planted, but I have not.  Where I live, we have to wait until the end of May to plant to reduce the risk of frost. Having the neighboring field flood out our garden spot 2 weeks in a row is one other reason why we have not planted. Hopefully once it dries out again, we can get going on it.

I thought while I was waiting to get my garden in, I would work on a few projects that I could use once it is ready. One thing we have always stuggled with was having garden markers.  We have used pieces of sticks, rocks, and other random items to mark where we have planted.  The designer in me always cringes.  While planting the garden was always the priority, garden markers certainly were not.  Well, not this year.  These easy DIY garden markers were really quick to make and the fit that esthetic that I love.

I started off by gathering my materials for the project.

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

*These materials can be adjusted to fit whatever size you want to make.

I started with:

1 by 1 inch sticks, 14 inches long.  (you can use shorter or longer ones as you prefer)

1/4 inch- 1/2 Plywood cut 2 by inches (thickness depends on your preferences)  I just used what I had on hand.





I assembled the garden markers by screwing the plywood piece on top of the stick.  I had the piece overhang on the left side 1 1/2 inches.  Don’t worry about the screw showing, it will be hidden under the twine.

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

Once the plywood piece is secured, you can decided what you want to do with it.  I decided to paint them white, because, well come on, a little white chippy goodness is always a plus in my book.  I also decided to do this so that they will stand out a little bit more.  I didn’t necessarily want it to disappear once the plants had matured.

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

After the paint was dry, I tied my twine at an angle around the intersection of the stick and sign. I wrapped it 5 times one way and them 5 times the opposite way, creating an X.

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

I hand painted the different vegetable names onto the signs with black craft paint.  You could use stencils if you think you cannot hand paint them.

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

And Voila! They are done. There are so many different things you could do to make these your own.

  • Paint them with chalk paint and use chalk to write the names on.
  • Leave them raw wood and stencil in any color you want.
  • Paint little vegetables on them instead of using words.
  • Make them all different heights to add interest.
  • You can make them larger, or smaller, depending on the size of your garden.  The basic concept will be the same.

I love the white, raw wood, and black lettering.  It fits in perfectly with my interior and exterior home decor.  Now that they are all ready, I cannot wait to use them in my garden. It’s little touches like these that will set you apart from everyone else and bring a little character to an otherwise generic garden.

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

These DIY garden markers are so easy to make!

Thanks for spending a little time with me today!  If you like this post, definitely check out some other ones of mine:

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Have a great day!



Sara Syrett

I am a mom of four kids, one German Shepherd named Bruin, and one husband. I have a huge passion for interior design, styling, baking, fashion, DIY projects and re-purposing. You can find me most days working on my home. Whether I am painting, building, or doing a DIY project, I can’t get enough. I decided to start this blog at the request of my husband who is my partner for most of my projects. He definitely doesn’t share the same passion I do, but he loves me enough to put up with it. Starting this blog was one of the best decisions I have made. While it is completely out of my comfort zone, I have learned so much and have made some incredible friendships. I hope you can find something here that speaks to you. So stick around, follow along, and enjoy my crazy life living at Twelve On Main.


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