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Dryer Balls and Clothespin containers for the laundry room.

Laundry Room Organization Labels

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These Laundry Room Organization Labels are a super easy to way to make your laundry room more functional, as well as cute! I’m sharing tutorials for a Laundry Sorter and Laundry Containers!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Labeled Laundry Sorter made with Iron On Labels!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen the announcement that we’re moving back to Southern Utah! Exciting, right? My head is already busy, going room to room planning all the fun projects, decor and organizing that I’m going to want to do. One of the rooms I’m most excited to organize is my Laundry Room. Right now my laundry room is a bit of a hole. It’s on the smaller side, has no cabinets and is very dark. So, I’ve never been super motivated to do much to it. But, my new laundry is a lighter colored, bigger and has a sink, drawers and cabinets in it! So, I’m really excited to get it decorated and organized!

I decided to get a jump start on a few projects for it and last week I made some fun organizing containers and a laundry sorter with my Cricut Maker and wanted to share them with you today!


Laundry Room Labels for Jars and Containers!

Items Needed:


Open the Laundry Room Labels Design Space File.

Laundry Room Organization Labels available in Design Space.

I’ve added a lot of options for labels that cold be used in the laundry room. Just go through them and hide the words(layers) that you don’t want to use. You can hide the layers by clicking the eye picture on the right side of the layer.

Hiding Labels in Design Space.

I wanted all my labels to be cut from the same color and type of vinyl, so I left them all black. If you’re wanting different colors of vinyl, then go ahead and change any of the words colors! You’ll also want to measure your containers and resize the words to fit the containers they’re going to go on!

Once you’ve got the file ready to cut, hit ‘MAKE IT’ in the top right hand corner.

Mat Preview of Laundry Room Labels in Design Space.

At this time, preview the mat(s) and make sure the spacing of all the words is good. Generally Design Space squishes the words closer together than I prefer. So, I manually move them around. I like to make sure that there is room to cut around each word.

Once that mats look good, hit ‘CONTINUE’.

Next, choose your machine from the drop down menu and select your material.

Supplies needed to make Laundry Organization Labels and Iron On Designs with your Cricut.

Again, I chose to use the Premium Permanent Brushed Vinyl for my labels. Because these labels will be indoors, feel free to use any vinyl — removable would work just fine! Load the vinyl on a Standard Mat, with your vinyl in the top left hand corner.

Premium Permanent Brushed Vinyl

Add transfer tape to vinyl decals.

After you designs are cut, then go ahead and weed out the excess vinyl.

Weeding the excess Vinyl fro your designs and add transfer tape.

Add transfer tape to your designs. Use the scraper tool from your Essential Tool Kit to make sure the vinyl is adhered to the transfer tape good.

Then peel the backing off and place the design on your container. I like to use my fingers to push the design onto the container good. Slowly remove the transfer tape, making sure the vinyl is sticking good to the container.

Applying Vinyl to Containers

And that’s it!

Laundry Organizers with custom labels!

I love using Clothespins and Dryer Balls for decorating laundry rooms! Plus, both can be practical!

Dryer Balls and Clothespin containers for the laundry room.

Now onto the laundry sorter!


Laundry Sorter customized with Everyday Iron On and the Cricut Maker.

If you’ve never worked with Iron On Vinyl, then I suggest reading my posts — Tips for Using Iron On Vinyl and Everything You Need to Know about the EasyPress 2.

Items Needed:

Laundry Basket Organizer


Start by opening up the Laundry Sorter Design Space File.

Laundry Sorter Design Space File

At this time you’ll want to make any changes to the Design Space file. You can change the words, font, color and/or size! Make sure you measure the size of the front of your Laundry Sorter and if needed, resize them!

Once you’re done, hit ‘MAKE IT’ in the top right hand corner.

Mat preview of the Laundry Sorter Design Space File

Then go ahead and preview the mats. For this project, you’re cutting large Iron On decals, so you’ll need to cut the Iron On on the 12″x24″ mats. For my decals, I was able to fit 3 on the first mat and that left 1 for the 2nd mat.

Also, remember when cutting Iron On you ALWAYS need to mirror the image. You’ll need to do this with both mats.

Once you preview and mirror the mat, hit ‘CONTINUE’. Then choose your machine from the dropdown menu and select Iron On from the materials list.

Cricut Maker with Iron On on the Standard Mat ready to cut!

Prepare your mat, by putting the Everyday Iron On on the 12×24 Standard Grip Mat. Make sure you put the shiny side down on the mat!

Load the mat and then press the flashing ‘C’ Button to start the cutting!

Cricut Maker cutting Iron On.

Once everything is cut, then use scissors to cut around the different words. Then weed out the excess vinyl around your words with a weeding tool.

Laundry words being weeded.

Once all the words are weeded, then it’s time to Iron them onto the laundry baskets!

I always start by pulling up the EasyPress Interactive Heat Settings Guide. Put in the type of Iron On you’re using and the type of material that you’ll be Ironing the Iron On onto and it will tell you the heat settings.

Interactive EasyPress Heat Settings Guide

Place your design and measure around it to make sure it’s centered! I chose to use my 6″x7″ EasyPress 2 for this project, because it fit the narrow area that the words were going on. So, I had to press down the word in three separate presses.

EasyPress 2 pressing Laundry words on the Laundry Sorter.

The guide did state the do a warm peel, but I found that a cold peel worked so much better.

Laundry Sorter with labeled bins!

All and all I think it turned out pretty great and I’m excited to get it in my new laundry room!

Laundry Sorter with labeled bins using Iron On!



Laundry Sorter labeled with Iron On Vinyl!

Looking for my organizing ideas using your Cricut Maker?


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These Laundry Room Organization Ideas are a super easy to way to make your laundry room more functional, as well as cute! I'm sharing tutorials for a Laundry Sorter and Laundry Containers! From overthebigmoon.com!

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