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Make your own Witch Brooms and Halloween Signs

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I shared our Halloween porch yesterday and wanted to give a little more info on the details. One of my favorite’s is our totally free to make broomsticks!

halloween porch15

We went hiking as a family to find two big sticks and several smaller sticks. I gave each the boys a bucket for collecting and they loved it! When we got home I just bundled the little sticks around the big one and then wrapped it with rope or twine.

halloween porch16

It was easy, and  free! My favorite kind of project! I also made a broom parking sign to go with it.

halloween porch13

I’m going to show you how to make the broom sign as well as our Dead and Breakfast sign. I am also making the cutting files available to you if you want to make your own!

halloween porch11

Both signs were made with materials I had on hand. I grabbed 1×6  boards that were leftover from another project and cut them to size. Then using Gorilla wood glue I glued the boards edge together. You can also see that after pushing the boards together I ran a little bead of glue along the top in the groove.

photo 2

After it dried I stained one of my boards with a dark walnut stain. The other I spray painted flat black.

photo 1

I let them dry for 24 hours before the next step. I wanted to work inside so I put my drop cloth on my table and then placed my boards on the table. With my black board I knew I was going to need to paint the edges so I placed a small piece of 2×4 under it so I could get the edges.

halloween porch1

I used my vinyl two different ways.  The first one I weeded the vinyl so that the words were left.

halloween porch2

Then I used the transfer paper to place the words straight onto my board.

halloween porch3

halloween porch4

I made sure the letters were stuck down really good and then brushed my gray paint over the top. I didn’t do the coat really smooth I wanted it to be distressed and I didn’t want to sand it later. I used more of a dry brush technique. Once it was dry I was able to pull my vinyl off and the gray paint came off on the vinyl leaving the black showing through.

halloween porch5

Since I stained the other board I did the vinyl the opposite way here. I pulled all the letters off first, then used the transfer paper to put the background onto my board. I pulled the transfer paper off and then was able to paint inside the vinyl to make my letters white.

halloween porch6

The easiest way to do this is to dab down with a sponge brush. Don’t use sideways strokes or it wont look as clean when you pull the vinyl off.

halloween porch7

I love the different looks you can make using vinyl as your base for  good lettering.


You can download the silhouette files, but if you want the wording to look the same you will first have to download these fonts:

If you don’t know how to download fonts, this post will walk you through it step by step.

Here are the cutting files. I would definitely make our name bigger next time. If you are making your own you will just type your name in where ours is.

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