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Soarin’ Themed Cub Scout Pack Night

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We had a pretty fun Pack Night last weekl!  We went with the theme Soarin’ with Cub Scout Pack 1683!  Pack nights are supposed to be fun, but not too much work!  So, I just designed a few signs and put up a few simple decorations!



I started by hanging a Welcome to Cub Scout Airlines Sign on our Church Doors!!


I then used Terminal Signs for directing to the different rooms and areas we would be using!  To the Primary Room for our program and awards and to the Cultural Hall for Aircraft Building.  In the Soarin’ Theme Download there are Printables for Terminal 1, 2 and 3!


Then, on the door out the Parking Lot from the Primary Room I used a Gate 1683 Sign!  In the download package, the Gate number is blank and you guys can edit one in using a software editing program or even just write one in using a large marker!  I think it’s fun to put your Pack number as the Gate number!

Program:  I originally got the idea for this Pack night from the Scouting.org website (HERE).  I didn’t really follow their program though.  They were building parachutes vs airplanes.  But, they have a lot of great ideas for Opening activities and for Cub Masters that are better then me and really get into the theme!  We did use the jokes though and I have included them in the Download package.  Each joke takes two boys and there are a total of 5 jokes.  So, you’ll print off both joke pages and hand out the parts accordingly!  We did think it would have been fun to create the parachutes to attach to the boys awards, but we just ran out of time and energy.  That would have been really cute though!



Activity: I found this great source at Desi Rulez on How to Build Cool Paper Planes and I chose 4 of the airplanes for the boys to build.  We set up four different tables and I had 4 different leaders helping instruct the boys and their siblings if they needed help.  To decorate the airplanes we wanted to keep it simple, so we provided markers, crayons and colored star stickers.

Because, we did this while the weather is good, we set up a Runway out in the parking lot and had the kids fly their plans there.  Being that we just had the Pinewood Derby last month, we decided not to make too much of a competition out the flying.  We just had the kids line up and one by one throw there airplane.  After they threw it, they went and stood by their plane.  So, winners were obvious, but we didn’t keep track or anything.  And, this way every kid got to fly their airplane a lot.



Treat: Okay, I’ll be 100% honest with you – I had high expectations to put together THIS treat, but I just didn’t have it in me.  I had my sisters kids last week and I am humungo pregnant and just ran out of energy.  I was going to make it using a small chocolate bar on the top, because I can’t stand gum. I have also seen where you use a Push Pop instead of the Smarties for the base of the airplane.  But, we don’t have that kind of money in our treat budget being that we offer the treat to everybody(siblings and parents), so we opted for the Smarties.

After everybody was done flying their planes, they grabbed an “After Flight Treat!”

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For those of you that are wanting to create documents that match I used the font Chaz on all the documents!

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  • I’m trying to download the pack but cant get it to work. I downloaded the doc to pdf file but still cant figure it out….help!

  • I would love to use this for our next pack meeting but for some reason I couldn’t find a download button for it anywhere.

    • So sorry Tori! I had an issue with the download and its in the process of being fixed. Look for it fixed in the next day or two! Thanks!

  • What a great pack meeting idea! Several years ago when my oldest (now a Webelos) was a Tiger, we had a pilot speak & the boys made paper airplanes. They loved the paper airplanes, but the speaker didn’t keep their attention at all!

    I like that you took an idea that was on the Scouting website and put your own twist on it. Thanks for the suggestion!


  • It’s a little thing, but your first photo says “Sourin’ ” instead of “Soarin’ “. I’m particularly sensitive to this typo after our recent district awards dinner. The cake I ordered made us the “Souring Eagle District” instead of “Soaring Eagle.” Needless to say, the cake was just cut and served rather than displayed.

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