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Summertime Daily 5 Chore Chart

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We are 1 week into the summer and I decided I had to set some boundaries with my boys. Each morning they start to nag me about watching a show or having a friend over. I want them to feel they have some control over their days but I also want them to get some things done before they can start the asking!  This is another way I want to minimize the summer slide that kids tend to have when they lose some of their academic skills over the summer. I decided to pick the top 5  things that I wanted them to get done each day. 3 are chores and 2 are school related. I make the charts easy for me and also for the boys to check them off as they go.

summer charts20

These were pretty easy to make as you can make them as elaborate or simple as you want. All you need is a file folder and some Velcro Sticky Dots or Magnetic Strip to create these!

summer charts18

First cut the file folder as deep as you want your chart to be.

summer charts17

Then measure how long your file folder is and divide that into as many as sections that you want  your chart to have. Mark it with a pencil.

summer charts16

I did this next step backwards so learn from mistakes. The pictures will be a little backwards but this is how I would have done it now. I wanted to reinforce the seam of the folder so I placed a strip of packing tape on each side of the seam. This also makes it so they stay open when not attached.

summer charts13

Just cut the excess of. Next you need to cut the sections of the chart. Line up where you have marked with your paper cutter and cut one side to the seam.

summer charts15


summer charts14

Next I embellished it with the chores I had created and also with some other scrapbook paper. I also added the Velcro dots to the top and bottom of the chart so it can be closed when they have finished that job.

summer charts10

On the front I had some fun Lego paper that I put on the front strips.

summer charts9

The boys love them and each night when they go to bed they put all their tabs back down. I love that they don’t even bother to ask to play with friends or turn on the TV on before the house is pretty picked up and they have done a little to keep their minds sharp and fresh for when school starts again!

summer charts7

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