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Tips for Soil Preparation Before Laying Sod

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gilmour. All opinions are 100% mine.

A year ago this weekend we moved into our new home in Northern Utah!  Over the last year we have been working on project have project after project!  One of the biggest and most rewarding has been working on our landscaping!  Today, I am going to share a few must-know tips before laying sod!  

Between putting in our landscaping in a previous house, this house and helping a few neighbors I feel like we’ve put this system to a test and know it works! 

Here are some tips to help prepare your dirt before laying sod:

1. Make sure to level the ground the way you want it.  Make sure your rough grade eliminates any drainage problems that could occur in the future.  The slope of the grade should drain the water away from your house and window wells.  Also, fill in any areas that are low and could allow the water to pool if it rains hard.  

2. Till the soil at least 2 inches deep before adding your top soil, if it is needed.  If top soil is not needed then till your soil at least 4-6 inches deep.  

3. Clear all rocks or stones from the dirt that are bigger then 2-3 inches in diameter.  

4. Apply a ‘Starter Food for New Grass’ fertilizer to your soil.

5. Wet the soil, just prior to laying the sod.  

For my watering needs, I always turn to Gilmour!  Having been in business for over 40 years they aim to exceed the needs of gardeners and homeowners who need the very best for their yards and gardens. And, in my opinion, their warranties can’t be beat!

Their hose is my favorite! While many hoses are made with six layers, Gilmour Flexogen takes durability to a whole new level with a total of eight different layers.  It also has a lightweight build and layer of oxygen-infused foam greatly increase its flexibility, which means that as you move around your yard it moves with you easily!  And, the fact that it has a lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt!  You can find the Gilmour Flexogen hose at your local home improvement or garden store!

My Gilmour Watering Stainless Steel Sprayer came in super handy while watering the dirt before laying the sod and also spraying the top after it was first down!  I’m a fan of the Stainless Steel Sprayer, because it holds up well with weathering if left outside, plus it also has a lifetime warranty!

6.  And last, make plans to be able to lay the sod the same day it is delivered!  This is important!  You do not want the underneath side of the sod to dry out before it is put down or it doesn’t root as quickly and the grass will most likely struggle in the beginning.

Good luck prepping your dirt and creating a beautiful lawn for you and your family to enjoy!  Make sure and head on over and follow us and Gilmour on Facebook!  

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