4th of July Pre-K Pack Expansion


Here is our 4th of July Pre-K Pack Expansion!  4th of July is one of my families MOST FAVORITE Holidays!  We for sure do lots of fun extra things around this Holiday!  So, I knew that I needed to make N a 4th of July Pre-K Pack Expansion!  This is the Expansion Pack to the 4th of July Pre-K Pack!  These learning activities are more challenging than those that are in our basic Pre-K Packs!  I create the Expansion Packs for my 4 (almost 5) year old.  To help him with mostly letter and number writing practice!  Enjoy!

In this pack is:

Letter Maze

Character Word Tracing

Character Letter Tracing

 1-10 Number Tracing

Do-A Dot/Magnet Sheets


This is meant to go along with our 4th of July Pre-K Pack for those who have not already checked it out!  It’s great for ages 2-5!


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    I always love your pre-k packs and seeing this is getting me super excited for the 4th of July! Thank you so much for offering this!


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