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Free Lego Star Wars Art Prints

star wars

I had so much fun creating the Ninjago prints and my boys like them so much they wanted me to make Star Wars ones too. I did 4 prints this time over their bookshelf in  their new playroom redesign. I took pictures of a whole bunch of characters that are all available for download.


Note: You may NOT download and sell these these prints!

They are for personal use only!

star wars9

star wars8

star wars4

star wars11

star wars5

star wars7

star wars2

star wars3

star wars1

star wars6

star wars10

You can also buy prints of multiple characters in our etsy shoppe for $3.








Again- Please do NOT download and sell these these prints! They are for personal use only!


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  • Melissa

    Thanks for these my son will love this!! Do you have the Darth Vader one?

    • johnlisa02

      Don’t know how I missed him! He is there now! Thanks!

  • Beth

    Thanks so much!!! We just printed these to hang in my son’s room!

  • Connie Tang Kvien

    Thank you for these prints – my boys LOVE them! I would like to make them into 11×14 canvas prints but they are showing up as “not recommended” due to bad quality. Is this too large of size to do or did I download them incorrectly? Would appreciate any advice! Thank you so much!! 😉

    • Connie Tang Kvien

      Nevermind, I think I got it. I had to download some zip opener on the bottom in order to be able to download them correctly. Again, thank you – these will be great in the playroom!

  • SaveEveryStep

    Help! I completed the download but now I’ve no idea what to do to get the images?!!

    • johnlisa02

      You have to unzip the file they are in and extract them. Or if they are not in a zipped file look in your downloads folder.

  • Kim

    Thank you so so much for sharing these. My son is going to love them!

  • Jen

    Help! I would love to download these but can’t seem to find the link to do so. Can you let me know how to do this? My sons will love them! Thank you.

    • Lisa

      It is right at the bottom of the single person prints. It says “Star Wars Prints” with an arrow.

  • Sandy

    Thank you so much for sharing these prints! We are in the process of re-doing our boys’ room with a Star Wars theme and these will be perfect for the corner with their Lego desk! Thank you!!