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Beautiful DIY Garden Stones

We have a day in our house that we don’t talk about very much. John was helping me while I was in CA taking care of my Mom by running my Grandma Irene’s teacups and saucers to an event. Well, he was busy working and being a full time dad to Caleb and he was rushing and put the tray with all the teacups on the toolbox of his truck.  You can imagine what happened…he then backed out with them still there! Yes, it was a big and mighty crash! I was devastated…but not more than John was. I really loved those teacups!  John still feels sick when he thinks about what happened. At the time, I couldn’t bear to throw them away, so I just tucked them away thinking that at one time I would come up with some sort of project for them…and now I have!

garden stone9

We are just finishing our backyard landscaping and I am planting myself a perennial garden. I wanted to make stepping stones to put in around the flowers and her  teacups were perfect. Here is how I did it – First I separated the china into big pieces, good flat pieces, and tiny little pieces.

garden stone1

Next I mixed the garden stone cement and got it nice and smooth in the tray.

garden stone2

I then started laying the pieces. I started with bigger pieces on the edge to make a nice edge and then added some big pieces in the middle.

garden stone5

Just push the pieces down with nice even pressure until it sinks into the cement. Sometimes I needed pieces to fit but didn’t have anything, so I took a bigger piece and wrapped it in a thick towel and then hit it with a hammer until it cracked as big as I wanted it.

garden stone10

Sometimes the water from the cement would come to the top and get in the way of being able to put the little pieces in. When it got that way I just placed a paper towel over the top and let it soak up the water.

garden stone6

I am super happy with how they tuned out! I especially love the teacup handles in them!

garden stone8

Can’t wait until there are flowers everywhere to grow in around them. I would not recommend making these actual stepping stones since the teacup pieces are not perfectly flat and I would not want anyone to get cut on them. I love having these in my garden and now a big oops is a big ahhh!

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  • Vickie

    That’s a fantastic idea- and it turned out beautifully. I may have to go smash some china!

  • Kirstylee Cassidy

    What an amazing way to turn something devastating into something beautiful. Those stepping stones will be so special!

  • Andrea Celesia

    Love it Lisa! And I love your printables packs 🙂 Are you doing an Earth Day related one by any chance?

  • Lisa

    I’m not sure. Pam does our packs but I will let her know you are interested in one!

    • Andrea Celesia


  • Natalie

    Lisa, the tray you are using, is it part of a commercially available standard stepping stone kit? Or did you make it yourself?

    • Lisa

      I saved the tray from when I did my kids hand prints. I think the kits are about $15 at Michaels and it has the tray and cement and makes 2 stones.

    • Kathlyn Black

      use old cake pans

      • Karen E.

        Do you the cement dry in the cake pan, or take it out after you have placed the broken dishes?

        • Lisa

          You have to let it dry in the dish

  • Tricia Selbie

    Oh my!!! This is deja vu. My husband did the same thing to teacups & saucers that his Mother had given me. I saved them too. Now I’ll go from OOPS to AHHH! Thank you for posting…

  • Rachel

    This is lovely 🙂

  • Michaela

    One thought (to make them actual stepping stones) would be to encase them in acrylic like they do with custom tables.

    • Mary Vance Nasvik

      Michaela, that was my thought, too!

    • Kathlyn Black

      That may cause them to be over slippery when wet.

    • Ilona Szentes

      To prevent them from being slippery when wet sprinkle a small amount of sand evenly over the acrylic when still tacky to embed them & slippery problem is solved ..

  • Thea

    I love it ♥

  • Yasiris


  • Marietta

    Wondering if you coudn’t also use it as a picture handing it with a plate hanger? Place in a living room or kitchen. For those who live in apts or move around alot – a portable option! Very pretty. Thanks for posting!

  • Jamsoup

    Those were exquisite crockery. So terribly sad.

  • Yvonne Eklund Layton

    I like this, I am looking for stepping stone Ideas for my boulevard.

  • Deanna

    find a thrift store or garage sales, etc. where they sell odd pieces of china (cheap)… don’t break a perfectly good piece of your own! LOL

  • gwendle

    Awesome idea very beautiful.

  • Sheila

    Just wondering if you sealed it with anything? Lovely !

    • johnlisa02


  • eileen

    What a great way to hand down family memories. Need to scrapbook the process and the garden resting place. Love it

  • Candy Fortner

    You can also repurpose an old trash can lid, creating a larger masterpiece which can be sat upon a tri-table of legs after you clear coat it. You can also make it more concave and use it as a beautiful birdbath, sunk slightly in the garden, nestled amongst the leaves and flowers, as treat for the wildlife to find

  • Pam

    Beautiful!! What a great way to keep the china.

  • Sheila Kresich-Truchon

    What did you use for a mold?

  • Toni

    Love this idea, I have a big box of these cups I never use, and looks like a fun project, thank you for the inspiration!

  • Pam Chan

    Hi, what is garden stone cement? We dont have such a thing in the UK. Does it have another name? Thanks.

    • johnlisa02

      Regular cement will work.

      • Pam Chan

        thanks a lot

    • Sue B.

      use fast setting concrete, it will dry faster, and have a finer grain…

      • Pam Chan


    • Kathlyn Black

      Portland cement

  • Michele Fowler

    Could also make them to hang on a plain wall.

  • Summer Day


  • Hoko Le

    I might break my moms tea cups for this, I never liked them anyway, but I do like stepping stones! Who wants to step on grass over having tea all day?!

  • tamera

    where do you get the stepping stone cement and does the tray come with it….I have some old dishes i would love to refurbish and this is a great idea…..

    • Sue B

      Go to Michael’s – they will have stepping stone kits – the tray and some cement and decorations
      … but we made these using fast setting concrete from the hardware store,and 9″ aluminum cake pans for the trays – we did this as a craft with 15 or so kids,(used stones and $ store decorations) 🙂

  • Jev Marshall

    need details please. TRAY – what kind of tray/ etc.

    • Kathlyn Black

      Use old cake pans

  • Evelyn Foley

    Would I have to line the cake pan before putting in the cement, so it comes out easily?

    • Lisa

      I am not sure. I used a flexible plastic pan. If you were using a cake pan I would probably line it.

    • Justcuz

      I made some wooden molds to make cement blocks once. You can use a release spray. I just used vegetable oil. Make sure you oil the entire inside of the pan, bottom and sides.

  • Cherie

    I used inexpensive thin plastic trays that are made to put under plants. They come in different sizes. 12 inch ones were about $1.50. They are reusable to some extent and recyclable if they break. Putting a circle of window screen or hardware cloth about halfway up will strengthen the cement. I used Quikcrete.

  • Babbs Harris

    I have many broken antique tea cups. compliments of two rambunctious boys 30 years ago. I couldn’t throw them away either. now I will have an ahhh moment. thanks.

  • Babbs Harris

    I don’t cook much, but I found some very nice silicone cake pans at the salvation army. I bought them for $1.00 each. I bought them just for this project.

  • Tamara Reyna

    I had my grandmothers small teacups my mom called them something that sounds like demi tossy cups and, some regular sized ones as well. Some of them were very valuable, the cups were the only thing of hers I had. Well my daughter’s drunk freind fell into the shelf I had them on and broke everyone of them! I’m not materialistic and, only 3 things I own would hurt me to lose those cups were one of the 3. I have had them in a box for about 10 years now. I love your stepping stone idea. I was wanting to make a tabletop embedded with them but I want it so have a smooth finish. do you have any ideas on that? I have also been considering making jewelery out of some of the peices. I need to figure out how to smooth the edges first though.I thought I was the only one in the world with a box of boken teacups. LOL

    • Sudbury 2013

      you can file the edges smooth with fine grit sand paper and then finish with a fine emery board

    • Teresa

      Something you might consider is putting them inside a tray, you could buy one at a craft store or home goods store or even a second hand store. I love those. If you put your pieces of broken china in the tray, placing them as you would like them, just as they are placed above only with no cement. After you are happy with the layout cover them with clear epoxy/resin that you can get at a craft store, perhaps even an hardware store. When it hardens it will be clear and slightly shiny like water. You will be able to see your beautiful mosaic of pieces but it will be smooth on top. A great keepsake.

    • Shelia

      They were probably Demitasse cups. A French word for half cup. I’ve got some demitasse spoons.

    • Vicki Starcher

      There is a BobVilla idea for making a mosiac tabletop. Maybe that will help you.

  • rachel

    I’m wondering if this could be used as a trivet for hot pans or dishes in the kitchen and dining. Maybe with some felt on the bottom to protect counters and furniture.

    • Lisa

      The cement is kind of rough and they are really heavy.

  • Loretta Wilson

    I just ran across this pin. I was trying to cut the bottom off a blue wine bottle and it didn’t work. So now I have a stepping stone drying in the kitchen. Thank you for a great idea!

  • Stephanie Ann Wilhite

    i absolutely love this idea and will be trying this out this coming Spring!

  • Stephanie Ann Wilhite

    i absolutely love this idea and will be trying this out this coming Spring!

  • lisaloving

    Where do you get the molds?

  • Justcuz

    So pretty and I like how you incorporated the tea cup handles.

  • Bekah

    This is so helpful! My sister accidentally smashed one of the mug’s that belonged to my late aunt and my mom threw it out when she was so upset. I have had the pieces secretly kept in my room for a year now, thanks!

  • Alice

    Very nice, I have broken China I have been saving. I will be making steping stones.

  • Julie Bauer

    Love it! But where do you get the ‘tray’s from that you lay the cement in?